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January 18, 2011

Two years on :-(

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Well it’s exactly two years since the tragic fire at Raasay house Raasay House is ablaze and today could not have been more different.

synoptic chart for midnight on  17/1/09

synoptic chart for midnight on 17/1/09

For a start we were in the centre of an intense low, I was working and it was wild, so wild in fact that I seem to remember we missed a few sailings on the Saturday (17th) Bubbling away nicely

Today however I left the house just as it was getting light around 7:30 to go and feed the pigs, a task made a little easier by not having Ed and George charging around my feet. I’d put Bee in on the croft on Sunday with Thelma and Louise the two much smaller Tamworth’s that we’re fattening. It can be a problem mixing pigs of different sizes in a small area but Bee is very gentle and laid back, sure enough when I fed them, all was fine and they’d obviously been getting on just fine.

180111 001

And ‘just fine’ seemed to sum up the morning, for it looked like being a reasonable day, all the well because I’d much work to get through 🙂


180111 002

After a bowel of porridge, and even before wifey had left to do the school run I headed up to the new shed site to continue the arduous fencing task. As far as fencing goes I could not have chosen a worse place to build a shed, for a perimeter of less than 200m I’ve already put eleven strainer posts in :-(  The awkward shape, many changes in direction and three gates mean that I’ve still two more to put in, though as I’ve not yet decided exactly where that one is going I might fit it later 🙂

  180111 005

All the actual posts were in (well until I decided to fit another today) but I had still to fit half a dozen or so stays to them. A job that involves chiselling a tapered hole into the post to match the tapered end of the stay. It needs to be at least a couple of inches deep and a good fit, as this will stop the post turning when you strain the wire.

 180111 007

The end of the stay that goes in the ground rests hard up against a rock with two more rocks either side to stop it moving, it’s then covered over with turf.  I like to set the rock at the back at an angle so that you have to hammer the stay down till it’s good and tight.

180111 006

There was also one fitted to the left of the post at right angles, as this was a corner post.


180111 008

A little while later someone with a silly hat started helping me by bring the posts up on the quad 🙂

180111 017

That was it really, I worked at it all day until the moon came up and I had to go and feed the pigs, I only got five stays done and fitted an extra strainer that I’d not bargained on ( just by the green quad) but I was well pleased with my labours. It’s a beautiful spot to work in affording uninterrupted views to my screensaver 🙂

 landscape 064


I know it’s pretty lame but I’ve had a long day and now I’m going to have long soak and go to bed 🙂

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