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January 17, 2011

Dingwalled :-)

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I’m well and truly worn out tonight, so not much in the way of meaningful pros or meaningless rants tonight I’m afraid 🙂 We were all up very early to set off with Ed and George to the ‘local’ abattoir in Dingwall  one hundred and ten miles away 😦 There used to be one a mere twenty miles away in Portree when I first moved to the area but the lunatics who invented the ‘CFP’ (common fisheries policy) soon put paid to that. So now instead of taking local pigs on a stress free one hour trip to Skye they have to be loaded up at 6:30am to arrive at  the opposite side of the country four hours later 😦 It’s no wonder foot and mouth and other diseases spread like wildfire. Still what do you expect from clowns that tell you cod is endangered but you must throw thousands of tons of it back into the sea dead, the world has gone mad 🙂 And whilst you may not be able to do anything about the lack of local slaughterhouses until some celebrity takes it on board as a crusade then you can do something about ‘discards’ by signing here

Anyway, Ed and George were deposited at Munro’s local abattoir and supplier of quality meats we did a quick rush round Lidl, put £97.50 worth of diesel in the ‘Old Girl’ and headed west. Now if I’d filled the Land Rover up on Skye that would have been well over the ton 😦

170111 001

Spying this Polaris outside an agricultural machinery dealer (who’s name I forget) on the way out, I was most impressed :-) 

We were well ahead of schedule so drove past Sconser and onto Portree, I was needing fencing materials so it made sense to fill up the trailer rather than return empty. So after loading up over 100 posts, 100m of ‘Ryloc’ , 400m of wire and host of other stuff we raced for the 16:15 ferry.

170111 007

Being pleasantly surprised to see that it was still light at 17:00 on Raasay 🙂

Once back at ‘the end of the road’, with pigs and family fed and shopping put away it was time to weigh and worm the puppies 🙂

 170111 011

who ranged in size from Jobbies 650g to Haggis’s 950g 🙂


170111 015

each kilo of bodyweight got 1ml of ‘Drontal’ orally, so the smallest got .65ml and the largest .95ml via a syringe into the mouth.


Once the wee darlings were wormed we introduced them to ‘puppy food’


170111 022

with hilarious results 🙂

And now I’m off to bed 🙂

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