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January 13, 2011

Cooked turgo :-)

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Atmospheric, that just about sums up the days weather, mild, damp and with swathes of mist and cloud rolling in off the sea. There must have been some serious rain during the night as all the troughs were full when I donned my oilskins in the dark to go out and feed. There was no need to go it in the dark, the pigs wouldn’t be in any rush, but for reasons not entirely clear I was full of more enthusiasm than was good for me. Perhaps the long awaited MOT on wifey’s car, perhaps that fact that I’m actually on holiday now and my body clock has just realized. Whatever the reason it felt good to get out in the mild and damp, in fact it was a relief to get out of the rapidly heating kitchen 🙂

 graph 130111

The pouring rain and gentle breeze through the night coupled with the rising temperatures had made our wee house uncomfortably hot. OK, I know that 21 degrees is hardly tropical but when you’ve gone to bed in fluffy pyjamas and a pair of socks it is 🙂

weather 130111

Anyway once everyone was fed and I’d had a quick bowl of muesli I went back out to clean out the pigs, or at least Ginger and his girls.

 130111 001

It was most definitely ‘atmospheric’ out there 🙂

 130111 012

Unlike Ginger’s house which was stinking 😦 anyway, I tempted them out of it with a few sow rolls, shut them in the field next door and gave it a good cleaning out. Ginger’s days are most definitely numbered, he’s now getting so lazy that he pisses inside the house if the weather is bad 😦 Having a stone rather than a concrete floor it took me a good while to clean it out and left me feeling a little weak. Muesli and a banana may be great for a morning in the office but it’s a little lacking in calories for serious work so at 10:00am I wobbled back in the house for a proper breakfast 🙂

There were frequent showers throughout the day but that seemed to suit my mood for whenever it rained I did a little work on the  XJ14-0. 2DCT4-Z water turbine.

turgo bath

I’d given the turgo runner an overnight soak in a bucket of phosphoric acid to remove all the rust and then gave it a good power washing.

 130111 009

I also gave the turbine housing and valve another coat of the POR15 paint before heading up to the new shed site to continue with my fencing work.

130111 002

Even though I’d got 10 strainers in there were still a few more to do for the small gates to the north and east. I’d actually run out of telegraph poles so had to resort to reusing strainers laid by the previous owner of 3 South Arnish some twenty odd years ago.

130111 019

This particular post and another I’d rescued earlier had been lying in the peaty soil for years before I moved here. They’d become obsolete when I altered the line of the fence some years ago but were perfectly serviceable. In fact they were in far better condition than some posts I’d fitted twenty years ago, which says something about the quality and treatment of timber these days. Probably the chemicals they used back then are now regarded as toxic, me I’m all for saving the planet but surely one post treated properly is far less damaging to the planet than two or three that have to be changed every 20 years.

130111 004

The ‘wee dug’ is quite happy to leave her pups for an hour or two and come and help these days 🙂


130111 003

As I’ve said many times, “I’m not a ‘dog person’” 🙂

130111 007

Just by that strainer near Molly is a pipe that I set in the burn some three years ago when I was looking for suitable hydro turbine sites. After monitoring this site throughout a summer I’d written it off in favour of my current site, however with a spare turbine in the offing and plans to build a barn right next to it, it deserved further investigation. With a bucket and stopwatch I measured it today and it was around 4lts per second, more than ample for my 200w Navitron turbine 🙂

 130111 020

Not a great deal done in the grand scale of things but I was pretty chuffed at getting a couple more strainers in and making a gateway at the eastern end of the site 🙂

130111 010

As the light began to fail I retired to my workshop before feeding everyone then going in for a lovely spaghetti made with bacon, cream, courgettes and onions.

 130111 011

Taking my ‘turgo’ with me to give it a good cooking on the fire to remove the paint 🙂

I know it’s pretty rubbish but it’s 20:30 now and I need a bath, I’m not a fan of the telly but Jamie Oliver is on Channel 4 at 8:55 with a mussel recipe involving cider, cream and bacon, as I have all in abundance I want to watch it 🙂 HFW’s on after that with his campaign, which is in my eyes  far more important than which plank wins the ‘X factor’ and lines Simon Cowel’s pockets with even more money 🙂

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