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September 25, 2010

Dolphins or porpoises ?

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Must be the full moon or something for it’s exactly a month since we were treated to a spectacular display of porpoises, or was it dolphins, I can never tell :-) And like a month ago today it was perfect weather for it, plenty of light, little wind, no rain and a deserted ferry, well at least on some of the crossings for this school of whatever they were stayed with us for most of what was a very quiet morning indeed.


large and little dolphin




Young and old alike treating us to ballet of twirls and jumps as we headed over to Sconser, sometimes frighteningly  close to the forward Voith unit that would have turned them into ‘dolphin mince’ at the slightest touch 😦


That’s what’s whizzing round just a few feet behind the dolphins!!!!!!

Can you believe    I actually get paid for doing this 🙂 anyway after watching the leaping cetaceans had become boring, as if 🙂 I headed down below to get some paint on the area that I’d been preparing in the aft void space.

250910 012

That occupied me for most of the day apart from brief trips into the mess room for sustenance and of course to clear my head from the paint fumes 🙂 Which despite running a large extractor fan can still leave you feeling pretty jolly 🙂


250910 009

We tied up as usual on a Saturday around 19:00, leaving us a nice long break before the last sailing at 20:30


250910 015

by which time the waning gibbous moon had risen

250910 010

and we cast off the good ship Loch Striven for the last crossing 🙂 It’s all downhill now to the ‘rest week’ nice short day tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday will be a breeze 🙂

So now with a stag bellowing in the front field and two dogs barking like mad I’m going to try and get some sleep 🙂

September 24, 2010

And it wasn’t even windy

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This is going to be lightning quick tonight, the stove needs cleaning, I need a bath and it’s already 20:40. Anyway for the first day of autumn it was pretty good, not warm but certainly not cold and with a good breeze to fill the wind turbine blades I awoke to a toasty house. Although the wind was still from the north east it had moderated through the night and the big seas of the previous evening had died down considerably.


 weather 240910

graph 240910

The drive to work was spectacular and I arrived at the good ship Loch Striven to be greeted by an amazing sky over Inverarish.

240910 002

The sea may have moderated by the Loch Striven was still surging to and fro in the big swell that was running through the gap between Goat Island and the Arduish.

240910 003

And judging by the damage on this bit of timber she’d clattered it pretty hard during the night.

240910 011

Even though the swell had died down it was pretty wet on the ramp.


240910 005

240910 006

240910 009

240910 010

And I could not make my mind up which picture to post of this amazing double rainbow that spanned the Raasay Narrows so I stuck them all on 🙂

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