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September 24, 2010

And it wasn’t even windy

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This is going to be lightning quick tonight, the stove needs cleaning, I need a bath and it’s already 20:40. Anyway for the first day of autumn it was pretty good, not warm but certainly not cold and with a good breeze to fill the wind turbine blades I awoke to a toasty house. Although the wind was still from the north east it had moderated through the night and the big seas of the previous evening had died down considerably.


 weather 240910

graph 240910

The drive to work was spectacular and I arrived at the good ship Loch Striven to be greeted by an amazing sky over Inverarish.

240910 002

The sea may have moderated by the Loch Striven was still surging to and fro in the big swell that was running through the gap between Goat Island and the Arduish.

240910 003

And judging by the damage on this bit of timber she’d clattered it pretty hard during the night.

240910 011

Even though the swell had died down it was pretty wet on the ramp.


240910 005

240910 006

240910 009

240910 010

And I could not make my mind up which picture to post of this amazing double rainbow that spanned the Raasay Narrows so I stuck them all on 🙂

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