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September 23, 2010

When the north wind doth blow

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Well actually it was north easterly and contrary to the old adage we did not have snow, but some of us did get wet feet, or at least they did today on the Raasay ferry. That is if they were foot passengers boarding without wellies on any of the sailings that coincided the gap between Goat island and the Arduish being open.

230910 018

Gap open = wet feet on slip

230910 012

Gap just starting to close  = damp feet 🙂

230910 003

Gap closed at low water = dry feet 🙂

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about let me explain,

050809 017

the original plan showed a breakwater between the Arduish and Goat Island (left hand corner of pic) that would prevent the northerly motion sweeping through at high tide. Some ‘expert’ or accountant deemed this unnecessary  and this is the result.

Now I’m a tax payer like everyone else and really appreciate it when my council try and save me a few bob, I can even understand the ‘suck it and see’ logic of not actually filling the gap with rock until its been seen to be necessary. However the sanity of dragging rock 18 miles by sea from Kishorn then taking the surplus away by lorry to Portree instead of dumping it in this gap escapes me 😦

By the time the first two sailings were out of the way the tide had ebbed enough to stop 80% of the surge and it did not rear it’s ugly head again until the last three sailings, getting worse the higher the tide got. That last clip was at just after 19:00 but still almost an hour from high water.

Other stuff

Not only did the north wind bring a big sea but it also dropped the temperature so I spent most of the day down below in the aft void space repairing a leaky valve and doing some prep work prior to painting.

230910 030

230910 031

Whilst the wind was building up a sea that made life a little uncomfortable for us on the ferry, it was providing an ample power source for the sgoth (I know I’ve spelt that wrong) Oigh Niseach (and that)

230910 007

that was out in the narrows with a group from Glasgow Academy (I think)

230910 010 actually I spelt them both right 🙂

Anyway between the excitement of the ‘big sea’ and the painting session down below the day disappeared pretty rapidly, though I did manage to lift a ‘wee snack’ of Sconser pier 🙂

230910 034

OK they would have benefitted from a little white wine but these muscles are as good as you’ll get anywhere, grit and pollution free and right outside the mess room door 🙂

230910 036

That was about it really, I crawled under the ‘Old Girl’ at lunchtime to adjust the hand brake and discovered that all 5 grease nipples on my front prop shaft and all 3 on my rear were in line so rushed off  to find a grease gun 🙂 to take advantage of this rare occurrence 🙂

So once the day at work was done we spent a few moments watching the spectacular surge that was at times running way up on to the car park and then I headed north.

230910 022

Past Brochel castle where the full moon was almost visible through the thick cloud

230910 025

then up the first hill of ‘Calum’s road’ to his cairn, where it was 🙂 That was it, the first day of autumn out the way 🙂

And now I’m off to bed 🙂

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