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September 22, 2010

Another milestone :-(

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My year has always had little milestones in it that serve as little guides to what’s ahead, like the first daffodils are the precursor to spring and the cuckoo confirms it.  The joy of our African visitor usually being tempered by the first midge bite a week or so later 😦 The first Mackerel along with the first lobster have been caught, the first stag has bellowed  and the first frost is just around the corner. Today I was confronted with another marker in the years progress, headlamps both ways 😦 24 hours before the autumnal equinox I left for home this morning with all lights blazing and for the next 6 months I’ll need them every working day bar Sunday 😦

Still, the thought of dark morns and evenings did nothing to dampen my spirits, in fact I was in a really good mood and full of enthusiasm for the day ahead.

220910 001

Arriving at the Loch Striven early the first thing I did after start up was check the ‘aft peak’ for water and tested the bilge alarm in it. Not that there is ever any water in this tiny watertight space at the stern of the boat but it’s part of the days duties to check it.

220910 003

The day turned out to be pure miserable so I got on with tasks below like checking the chain lockers,

220910 005

the anchor chain and fitting some new water tight covers to the locker.

220910 006

Traffic was light throughout the day with little other of note happening than the converted ships lifeboat ‘Larne’ leaving Raasay for the last time.

220910 007

For, I believe a new home on Lewis.


So that was it really, after a day of pottering about down below in the aft void space and just generally doing boaty things I headed home with my headlamps once more burning brightly :-)  

 weather 220910

So I’ll just leave you with the weather because I’m off to bed, I know it’s been a bit lame but you try doing this every night 🙂

graph 220910

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