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September 21, 2010

The end ‘is’ near :-)

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Very little on the blog tonight I’m afraid peeps, not because nothing was done but because wife and ‘wee dug’ have returned and the end is near.

210910 008

Though not the end that the Jehovah’s witnesses speak about in the Watchtower they left me, well at least I hope not, but the end of the ‘week off’. So I’m going to settle down with darling wife and watch

210910 014

part three of Stieg Larssons masterpiece ‘Millenium’ trilogy, ‘The girl who kicked the hornets nest’ which no doubt Hollywood will soon turn into some mindless violent pap very shortly 🙂

So I’ll just leave you with the day in pictures before I retire for a bath and comfy chair 🙂

210910 010

Hind and last years calf doing a quick exit on the way down to school this morning with boy.

210910 013

My new best friend Calum Don Mackay hard at work and stranded eight miles from the nearest fire to light his ‘roll up’, fortunately I had a lighter on board 🙂 Which is why he is smiling 🙂

210910 007

A much reduced water flow on the hydro scheme put still putting out 550watts with the third pipe only partly full.


210910 002  210910 003

Checking the various battery banks that supply our house.


210910 005

Checking inside the ‘Proven charge controller’

210910 006

and just generally cleaning about the inverter and generator.

Right, I’m off.

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