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September 19, 2010

Highlights from Loopallu 2010

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22:00 and home at last 🙂 actually I arrived at a very wet and miserable Arnish four hours ago, but by the time I’d fed all the pigs, hens, cats and duck, unpacked the ‘Old Girl’ then had a much needed bath it was almost 19:00 and the offer of a roast beef dinner at my neighbours was too good to refuse. My ‘pig sitter’ had left an immaculate house, which was nothing short of a miracle when you consider he has three children of his own, my 11 year old and another pal from the high school to contend with, thanks Neil :-)  Anyway the prospect of no washing up and something other than a Co op quiche or pot noodle was just what I needed so boy and I departed with a box of red wine to the little chalet at the end of the road. Pot noodles and quiches in boxes are not my normal diet but I was still in festival mode and the thought of cooking something that had actually been living as apposed to reconstituted was beyond me 🙂

Day two

So I’ll rewind back to Saturday, the second day of that ‘best little fest in the west’ that is Loopallu.

180910 001

The previous day had been ‘mega’ with Silver Columns turning out to be right up my street and Carly Conner reducing me to tears. The Vatersay Boys were, as always ‘kicking’ and even Paolo Nutini, whom I’d dismissed as ‘not really being my cup of tea’ was amazing. Saturday saw me firmly welded to the comfy chair in the caravan until drawn out by some lively numbers by Skerryvore.

 180910 011

That’s the beauty of Loopallu, your never far from the action and we were pitched just yards from the ‘big top’ so you could hear what was going down. I’m not a big fan of traditional music and that’s what I thought these guys were all about, so when I heard there own particular take on it in the distance I just had to go and check it out, I was not disappointed, they were brilliant 🙂

The next pleasant surprise was a four piece called Kassidy from Glasgow and they were really good, but four guitars is way too much treble for my hearing and some real drums would have been nice.

I skipped Aberfeldy, not because I don’t like them but because I’m getting to old for this and needed a rest 🙂 not only that but Mt Desolation were on afterwards and I wanted to be fresh to catch their full set. Any band whose core members come from Keane and whose regular contributors hail from the likes of the Killers, Mumford and son, and Noah and the Whale just has to be good 🙂

 180910 025

I was not disappointed,

 180910 027

Jesse Quinn,

180910 028

Tim Rice-Oxley,

180910 029

Jessica Staveley Taylor and the rest of the band certainly delivered the goods and had me once more in tears!


‘Bitter pill’ a track off their soon to be released album, what can I say 🙂


And ‘Some kind of life’, not sure if this one is on the album but it’s out on the 17th October so there’s only one way to find out 🙂

They were followed by a very uncharacteristic ‘Adrian Edmondson  and the bad shepherds’ who proceeded to rock the place with rather unusual versions of ‘London Calling’ and other punk numbers that six glasses of red wine prohibit me from remembering 🙂


And at way after midnight with my eyes closing I’m waiting for my pathetic ‘broadband’ to upload a Carly Conner video before I can post this to the blog 😦


There you go, the amazing Carly Conner, well worth the wait 🙂

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