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September 17, 2010

Lucky devils

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A fine breezy and mainly dry day at the north end but I’ve not really got a great deal done or at least I’ve not got much to show for my labours. Combining a few errands with the school run this morning meant a late return to the croft and whilst the few hours that I spent measuring water flow and output of my hydro turbine imparted me with valuable knowledge it really would probably be exceedingly dull to the vast majority of readers.

The children of the Raasay primary school however did have a very exciting day though and I caught the tail end of it as I set off early to go and collect my boy. Not from the school but from the new harbour where they were getting lessons in CPR from the coastguard and a medical team who’d come over in the Portree lifeboat.


160910 002

Half of the children were having a tour of the Arrun class Stanley Watson Barker whilst the other half took lessons from the medical team in the waiting room.

160910 007

I picked up my very enthusiastic son shortly after 15:00 and he proceeded to tell me all about the 4 tons of fuel onboard, the 25Knot top speed and the most important kettle 🙂

160910 009

Whereupon both the lifeboat and I departed northwards,

160910 012

though she was in Portree long before we arrived at Arnish.

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