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September 8, 2010

Big tide, big crane

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Believe it or not I was really looking forward to returning to work today, the weather was good and with  my back being still a little tender I figured it would get more of a rest on the Loch Striven than the croft 🙂 The first thing I noticed about the day was the dark, only one week ago it was still daylight at 5:00am. Today when I arose at 4:30 I was greeted by the milky way and a myriad of stars and even an hour later it was not full daylight. In fact the sun that was so recently poking its head above the hills to the north east at 6:00 would not be showing its face until at least 7:40 and by then I’d be getting ready for casting off the Ferry.

The 10.5 mile drive to work was spectacular with my first hind and her calf spotted right by our mail box at the end of the road followed by another two at Tarbet, three at Screapadale and almost a dozen at Glame. They are obviously on the look out for stags who will shortly be driving us nuts with their bellowing.

080910 020

The wildlife was not the only treat on the way south, the early morning sun on the Cuilins was something else 🙂

080910 027

And whilst the good ship Loch Striven was sitting high alongside its new berth,

080910 022

the once proud ‘Golden Emblem’ was not 😦

emblem (1)

Here she is in happier times at Lochinver in the 1970s


Golden Emblem 1958

and here not long after her launch in 1958 (many thanks to the MacBain family for those pictures)

080910 029

Once the ferry was underway I got on with the serious task of easing the pain in my joints using some stuff specially formulated in Norway for race horses, or at least that’s what the man who gave it to me said it was for. As the label was in Norwegian I couldn’t argue, well it did have a picture of a horseshoe  on the tube and smelt strong enough to knock out an elephant 🙂 Anyway it did the trick and my sweaty feet on  table helped clear the mess room 🙂

080910 031

The first sailing from Sconser saw the arrival of part of a Liebherr tower crane for the rebuilding of Raasay house.


080910 032

A load that proved a little trick to get on

080910 007

and off the ferry 🙂

080910 034

Most of my day was spent soaking up the sun and painting hand rails on the upper decks but I did manage a brief trip to our old berth at lunch time to see JST loading up pulp wood for Belgium onto the MV Fingal.

 080910 035

Let’s hope she makes it safely for this Antilles registered 80m long coaster is very fond of the Scottish shore having ran aground once near Jura and once on the island of Sanda 🙂

During my afternoon spell ‘up top’ I spotted a warship just north of Crowlin,

080910 009 080910 008

which showed up on the AIS as the Norwegian Navy frigate Otto Sverdrup


File:HNoMS Otto Sverdrup.jpg

and that’s a picture lifted from Wikipedia 🙂

That was about it really, the day flew by and before long we’d tied up for the night and the Portree lifeboat ‘Stanley Watson Barker’ came down on an exercise.

080910 015

080910 017

I know it’s pretty rubbish but I’m tired so it will have to do 🙂

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