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August 27, 2010

I never learn :-(

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It’s going to be light on dialogue and heavy on the pictures tonight as it’s already 21:00 and I’m still in my overalls having just finished a pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce strewn with smoked sea trout 🙂 It’s the first time that I’ve eaten sea trout and I have to say that I’m impressed, actually it’s the third time I’ve eaten it but on the first two occasions I just assumed it was a very tasty wild salmon. A good friend deposited a package on the end of the new Raasay pier for me along with a cryptic phone message saying  “it’s pure quality”, he was right and it was not long before I diced up a few chunks into some potato and green bean left overs from the night before. Now potato and green beans might sound pretty dull as a main course but let me assure you it is anything but.

240810 018

Of course the spuds came from our garden and the beans from my mums but if you want to know how to turn these simple ingredients into a delicious meal then read on. First of all make the marinade, which is just olive oil, chopped garlic, salt pepper and vinegar in whatever quantity that takes your fancy. Boil up your tatties for just less than they need then throw in the beans on top for the last few minutes, drain, stick in bowl, pour over marinade and mix up. Trust me it is spectacular, especially if you take the left overs to work and add some smoked sea trout 🙂

As I said, I thought it was salmon and I still thought it was salmon when we had it for dinner with just more boiled potatoes and a fresh salad, though I have to say my salads are world famous with accolades from afar afield as Australia and Gourock :-)  It was after devouring the second helping that I texted my mate to thank him, which was when he informed me of its true identity

250810 041 250810 042

and it must have been a monster for this is still another meal in it 🙂

Another dud forecast

I should have known by the not quite so clear sky this morning not to trust the forecast, especially after yesterdays soaking but I keep telling myself that the weather just has too improve eventually. I should have known when the dude on Radio 4 informed me that somewhere less than 40 miles away from where I stopped to take this picture at Brochel had just recorded a temperature of minus 1 !!!!!!


250810 008

I should have known by the mist,


250810 009

the cloud,


250810 015

the more cloud


250810 012

and yesterdays experience not to trust the forecast. However, convinced of its authenticity not only did I leave my waterproofs in the Land Rover but I wound all the windows down to air it out.

All appeared rosy at first and I started to do a little painting, though soon abandoned it as the ferry got busier and busier. In fact it did actually stay fine right up until mid afternoon when once again the heavens opened only this time not only did I get soaked but so did the inside of the ‘Old Girl’

 250810 040

and the bit of casing that I painted just after lunch 😦

Still the day passed quick enough and before long I was heading back up ‘Calum’s road’ home,

250810 017

past the ‘Five Sisters’

250810 018

the Crowlin Islands

250810 019

the Skye bridge

250810 024

and a vanguard class SSBN , hope he wasn’t looking for that cable I lifted off Rona 🙂

I also passed Christmas dinner,

250810 031

who after attempting a bellow in a passing place moved off the road to let me by 🙂

250810 036

Don’t he just look beautiful amongst the purple heather 🙂

August 26, 2010

In a huff :-)

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It’s 6:00am now on a grey but so far dry day that promises, well at least according to,


wall to wall sunshine, but then it said that yesterday and I got soaked. Not just wet but soaked and chilled to the marrow. So convinced was I that Wednesday was going to be the nicest day of the week that I foolishly left my jacket and waterproofs in the Land Rover. Consequently the day  started off OK and quickly descended into an afternoon of relentless rain that poured down from above.

 250810 004

By the time we tied up the good ship Loch Striven for the night I was ‘not a happy bunny’ and went home in a huff for a nice long soak in a hot bath then an early night. And I  have to say that I’m not convinced today will be any better 😦

Still apart from that I was actually looking forward to my first week operating from the new terminal and initially arrived at work with more enthusiasm than normal. The day was very busy with a brief visit from the legendary


250810 001

who was himself driven away by the weather, or at least what the weather had done to his latest project, which I avidly await to see on youtube 🙂

250810 005

Anyway, that was it, or at least as much of it as I have time to tell you about 🙂 so I’ll leave you with Goat Island as the sun goes down on a wet and miserable Wednesday evening and now I’m off to work, I know it was a rubbish post but hey, you try doing this every day for to years 🙂

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