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August 26, 2010

In a huff :-)

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It’s 6:00am now on a grey but so far dry day that promises, well at least according to,


wall to wall sunshine, but then it said that yesterday and I got soaked. Not just wet but soaked and chilled to the marrow. So convinced was I that Wednesday was going to be the nicest day of the week that I foolishly left my jacket and waterproofs in the Land Rover. Consequently the day  started off OK and quickly descended into an afternoon of relentless rain that poured down from above.

 250810 004

By the time we tied up the good ship Loch Striven for the night I was ‘not a happy bunny’ and went home in a huff for a nice long soak in a hot bath then an early night. And I  have to say that I’m not convinced today will be any better 😦

Still apart from that I was actually looking forward to my first week operating from the new terminal and initially arrived at work with more enthusiasm than normal. The day was very busy with a brief visit from the legendary


250810 001

who was himself driven away by the weather, or at least what the weather had done to his latest project, which I avidly await to see on youtube 🙂

250810 005

Anyway, that was it, or at least as much of it as I have time to tell you about 🙂 so I’ll leave you with Goat Island as the sun goes down on a wet and miserable Wednesday evening and now I’m off to work, I know it was a rubbish post but hey, you try doing this every day for to years 🙂

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