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August 16, 2010

The final ‘tie up’

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I’m not really up to this, it’s after 21:00 and tomorrow is the big day so I’ve got to be up earlier than normal. It’s been a busy and exciting (well exciting by my standards) few days since I last posted but I’ve just been too tired to tell you all about it. I’m too tired right now but I just felt I had to get something on here to commemorate the last overnight stay of the good ship Loch Striven at the old iron ore pier.

I last put my fumbling fingers on the keys on here on the ‘glorious twelfth’ that day in August when all the grouse start trembling to the sound of gunfire from people with very expensive twelve bores 🙂 Fortunately (for the grouse) it’s not caught on here yet 🙂 It’s also Raasay’s oldest ladies birthday, and in the very unlikely event you’re reading this Jessie, a belated and very happy 89th from us all ‘at the end of the road’ 🙂

I should be reporting about Biro’s excellent performance at the Raasay village hall on Friday night but I was in  my bed for 21:15 😦 so instead you’ll have to be satisfied with a picture of the Birobus embarking the ferry 🙂


150810 003 put on an excellent performance by all accounts making a very BIG DYN 🙂

I should be telling you about Bracken’s 10 beautiful Tamworth piglets that were born the same day

150810 004

but sadly she managed to squash five of them over the next four days 😦

150810 016

That picture was taken on Sunday but another died today, it does happen occasionally to the odd one or two during the first day or so but five in four days is unheard of. If she wasn’t such a good mother I’d say she was doing it deliberately.

Calum’s dream launch

Quite apart from the fact that I was pretty tired on Friday I knew it would be inevitably followed by Saturday, which was not only going to be the longest day, it was also going to be a hectic day. Schiehallion would be launching their excellent new CD ‘Calum’s dream’ and we were expecting well over a hundred people on a couple of the ferries.

150810 006

So much so that extra staff had been laid on for the day to cope with the car park and ‘hoards’

150810 010

What my employer failed to lay on however was extra security and this chap with the musket slipped by unnoticed 🙂

The weather was excellent and the event kicked off at the Raasay House Hotel at 14:00 after the ‘Highland warriors’ had been piped down the road.

150810 052

Unfortunately I had to leave at this point to go and start up the ferry.

Schiehallion4 Schiehallion5

Fortunately my ‘roving cameraman’ George Rankine was on the scene for the last two pictures 🙂

By all accounts, and judging by the returning revellers, a good time was had by all.


150810 019

Was an even nicer day so we sneaked into the new harbour for a trail run and a spot of painting,

150810 023

before going back to our usual dilapidated berth for more painting and a spot of bell polishing 🙂

 150810 025


After a much more energetic day than usual for a Sunday, in which I did not even have time to wash my Land Rover I went home to a lovely dinner of fresh mackerel from Loch Arnish, potatoes and salad from the garden and a glass of red wine with my neighbour 🙂 Today was a day of more cleaning, painting being out of the question due to the rain.

  160810 006

And when it was all over we tied up the boat in the pishing rain for the very last time alongside the crumbling pier 🙂

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