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August 6, 2010

Bella bound

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More than just a ‘mooosic’ festival is this years motto, and they’re not wrong, it’s 17:30 now and I’ve been up 12 hours so have just come back to the old ‘Thomson Glenelg’ caravan for a wee rest and ‘top up’ 🙂 I’m pretty sure that we’ve had the one and only shower of the weekend, and whilst we did get soaked (or at least the boys did) we soon dried out.

The morning on Raasay saw me feeding everyone then leaving comprehensive written instructions for the ‘delegated pig keeper’ , a man more used to the rigours of life in central London than the joy of watching pigs. However he’s travelled the globe and seen more of the world than I ever will so I’m sure they’ll be just fine. Cheers mate and don’t forget to keep squeezing Bracken’s udder to check for milk. If there is any phone me immediately because you could be on maternity duty 🙂 Anyway, just as planned we caught the 8:55 ferry complete with boy, two pals and two unscheduled babes that hitched a lift 🙂 last seen inside the meditation tent with a whole crowd of other folk from Raasay 🙂 I kid you not:-)

The drive in was quiet and pleasant as we ignored the ‘pratnav’ and festival signs in favour of the back road in, it was even pleasanter than normal because we did not have the traditional fire on the way here 🙂 2008 was accompanied by a fire in the ‘engine room’ when the turbo set the under bonnet insulation alight and 2009 spawned a minor electrical fire under the dash. An event that also put the starter motor out of action and necessitated the removal of caravan for a bump start 😦 So with only one stop on the way here, a stop to use the last ‘proper toilet’ for two days and grab some refreshment 🙂

 bella 10 006

We continued on our way, would you trust your children with an irresponsible adult like me? 🙂 Anyway, once I’d wrestled the cans of beer out of their hands and the ‘Old Girl’ had cooled down we set off on the last 10 miles of our trip from Drumnadrochit to Bella. A journey that involves a VERY steep hill, and this year no fire 🙂

bella 10 007

Once on site and directed to a suitable spot by the friendly and excellent staff the boys soon had their tent up and we went to check out the arena.

bella 10 009

Which has much to offer other than music, this being a kind of bouncy castle with a bungee cord attached, something that caused great merriment amongst my team.


bella 10 012

As did the many other activities for the children (and adults 🙂 well if you class me as an adult 🙂 )

bella 10 017

Belladrum seems to have a talent for picking out rising stars in their line up and the ‘Hail Seedlings’ stage is were it often starts. This band ‘Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders’ are definitely one to watch.

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