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August 4, 2010


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The first day of my ‘rest week’ started, as usual with a wee lie in, of course my biological alarm clock woke me at 5:30 but I had the pleasure of ignoring it for a full hour 🙂 After which I did a little plonking away on here and massaged my ego by looking at the stats for my blog, which for reasons unclear have been hovering just above the thousand a day of late 🙂 Thanks for tuning in peeps, you make a ‘sadoldgit’ very happy 🙂

Anyway, the first job on a bright summers morn, that should have been wet according to the forecast was to feed everyone and wean Jamie Lea’s 13 spottie piglets.

040810 003

A nice little park next  to the veg patch is where we put the freshly weaned piglets, it’s far enough away from mum, very secure and as you can see by the long grass, it’s had a good rest.

040810 004

Once secured in there I fixed them up with a water supply into my ‘eighteen egg poacher’ from the Cunard liner SS Aurania 🙂 And I really must polish it back up and put back above the mantle piece, it’s probably worth a fortune to some ‘Cunard anorak’ and I don’t mean this in any derogatory sense, the world needs more ‘anoraks’ 🙂

That done, it was back in the house for a ‘proper breakfast’ that did not involve bananas or muesli then back out side for some serious rock shifting and road repairs.

 040810 009

We’ve been letting the piglets loose in this bit of ground in front of the house, it’s more of a road between the fields really but they do love charging up and down there. Only trouble being when rocky was in there he made a fair mess by moving all the large stones with his snout, so today I started collecting bigger ones, or at least I did until I hurt my arm trying to start the quad with the recoil start. The starter brushes having failed yet again 😦 These Honda quads are on the whole fairly ‘bombproof’ but they are really prone to wearing out the starter brushes. Actually, I take that back, I’ve just looked on the blog and it’s two years since I last changed them. Not bad considering the harsh environment that they work in.

The next and most important task was to clean out the ‘burner pot’ on our oil stove, a task that can only be achieved satisfactorily by burning it. I’ve tried chipping off the carbon, I’ve tried acid and caustic soda and I’ve tried a blow lamp, I’ve even tried a combination of all three with the power washer and industrial hoover thrown in for good measure.

040810 008

But the only way to really clean it is to light a big bonfire around it and let it cook for a couple of hours, this loosens of the carbon a treat and being stainless steel it does not distort under the extreme temperature.

The rest of the day being taken up by cutting bedding, cleaning out the pigs, washing the caravan and messing about with an extremely long spring.

 040810 010

The spring in question being the recoil spring on a Stihl TS 55 brush cutter, it lies behind that white thing and had snapped. Of course as soon as you remove that white thing, the once snail like coil of steel becomes a raging serpent and I spent the next five minutes heating up the end of the broken spring to re shape it and the next hour trying to coil it back up 😦 Coil it up I did though, and I even got it working, not sure for how long but I was well pleased with myself 🙂

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