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August 3, 2010

Out with a bang

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That’s it, the bananas are finished and I’m at home with Laphroaig, after what has to have been the busiest week ever on the ferry. It started on Wednesday with banana number one and the Macleod Parliaments visit to Raasay and ended today with more commercial vehicles than have ever been seen on Raasay in living memory 🙂 One thing for sure the week certainly flew by, the Macleod visit was spectacular for its passenger numbers but today it was the shear number of commercials that had us running pretty much non stop all day.

030810 012

Even though the council had chartered the ‘Spanish John II’ to ferry some of the tar lorries we still struggled to keep up.

030810 001

Not only were we ferrying tar lorries to and fro but the best kept truck in the west came over with three trailers, and at 17m it does not leave a great deal of room for cars 😦 Still the ‘Brewer’s’ truck always brings a smile to my face, with  well over half a million miles on the clock, I think he’s as fond of his truck as I am of my Land Rover 🙂

030810 006

D.R. Macleod were not the only artic over today, Mackaskill’s had one over too, there it is behind the Portree trawler ‘Iris II’

030810 002

yet no matter how many extra runs we did there always seemed to be someone waiting 🙂

 030810 003

And whilst I thought we were working hard it was nothing compared to what the boys from JST were doing, for they were at it when I arrived for work and were still at it when I left 12 hours later.

030810 008

Quite apart from the loading and unloading of traffic there was a generator to be serviced and of course the skipper needed a break. As if that wasn’t enough the bane of my life, the starboard toilets decided to breakdown 😦 Fortunately (and unusually) it was the water going in and not the ‘jobbies’ going out that were the problem 🙂 Unfortunately for my relief I did not have time to finish fixing it, sorry Peter 🙂

Better to be stuck at a festival than unable to get there 🙂

Now that’s easy for me to say because I’m at home with wife, child, dog and Laphroaig for company, but for those stranded on Barra after MV Clansman’s 2nd breakdown over the weekend it’s probably not so funny. For those not up to speed on the situation, MV Clansman suffered a serious crankshaft failure on her starboard MAK engine in June and there was a serious effort by both CalMac and MAK engineers to get the boat back in service for over the weekend. This they did but unfortunately a problem developed with the port engine on Sunday and the boat had to return to Oban empty for repairs leaving many stranded . Now I can vouch for the integrity of the engineers that work on these ships and I do know that CalMac are doing there best to resolve the situation, and I would not normally stray into this territory but spare a thought for Hitler who could not even get there 🙂 and I apologize for the language and reference to the good folk of Uist but it had me in stitches :-)  I’ve seen the powerful and serious film about the final days of a deluded madman and the cronies around him from which the clip came which made it all the more hilarious.

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