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July 30, 2010

A pier a day :-)

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Helps you work rest and play, or may even keep the doctor away 🙂 Joking aside I’ve just seen one appear before my very eyes, it’s quite amazing really. Here we are over two years since the first turf was cut and 17 months overdue for our new pier at Clachan. There was even a Gala day last week to celebrate it’s opening and still it’s not finished, and along come and knock one up in less than a week. In fact most of it went up in a day, I have to say I’m well impressed, they started extending and raising the old forestry pier to the south of our berth on Saturday.

 280710 001

And here is the progress on Monday,

280710 003

a nice big area cleared and a huge tractor dumping rock for the big machines to shape into a pier.

 300710 017

By Wednesday it was at its full height

 300710 014

and when I arrived for work on Thursday at just after 7:00 the tug ‘Red Empress’ was alongside the ‘hammerhead’ with a barge and a smaller version of the Sydney bridge. The previous day had seen much activity on the shore and in the sea with machines burying anchors and divers checking the sea bed for obstructions and ensuring that the seaward anchors had a good grip.

It was a perfect day for getting this serious kit in position with not a breath of wind,

 300710 015

even so the newly refurbished ‘Enchanted’ ex ‘Celtic Star’

300710 021

had been drafted in to help with fine adjustments 🙂

300710 025

Though a few ‘tweeks’ were required by the man formally known as ‘Grumpy digger driver’ and A.N. Other 🙂


300710 027 300710 028

What really impressed me was the speed with which they turned their buckets around from diggers to pushers, none of this knocking out of pins carry on, just release the ‘quickhitch’ push the bucket round with the boom then hitch back up, all over in seconds, amazing 🙂

I missed the next bit because at some point they must have turned the barge around,

300710 030

from this position,


300710 034

to this position,

300710 036

and once the barge with its connecting bridge was securely in position the two legs that it would ride up and down on with the tide were dropped in position by the Liebherr on deck.

You have to laugh really ‘Hapless’ sorry, the now defunct Atlas marine spent 18 weeks of good weather doing less than this on the Raasay ferry terminal and JST come along, throw up a pier and are hoping to be away before the end of September with god knows how many thousand tons of timber. Of course I know nothing of these matters being a mere grease monkey and pig keeper but it looked pretty slick to me 🙂

Buster is here 🙂

Now I didn’t post yesterday because I was in my bed long before 22:00 so here’s a couple of late pictures from the Macleod gathering on Raasay courtesy of  George (oyster) Rankine 🙂

Macleod Visit1

Macleod Visit42

And this surely must be Raasay village hall’s busiest venue to date and I even get a mention on the Macleod website, I REALLY am honoured 🙂 Anyway, after all the excitement of Wednesday and Thursday I kind of  hoped Friday would be a bit saner, not a chance, but it’s 23:00 now and I’ll have to tell you all about Buster tomorrow.

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