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July 25, 2010

Better than the real thing :-)

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After my wee afternoon nap yesterday I wandered up to the ‘Scooter tent’ and much to my surprise people were queuing to get in. This I could understand had it been the real Sex Pistols playing, but a tribute band!!! surely they couldn’t be that good?  I could have understood had it been a queue of sad old gits like me reminiscing about a misspent youth before they acquired beer bellies, double chins and lost most of their hair but there was a good spread of age and gender there. To be honest I never thought they were actually that good, they were just angry young kids spawned by the three day week, consumerism or whatever it was that the youth of that era were pi55ed off with. They might not have been very good musicians but they were first class rebels 🙂

What greeted me in the packed tent was an energetic and talented foursome, that apart from the drummer, who looked like Gordon Ramsey had the band off to a tee. Well apart from the fact they were 20 years too old and could actually play their instruments 🙂

  240710 047

Check out Gordon ‘moonlighting’ on the drums 🙂


240710 032

Johnny Rotuer belted out all the old favourites,

240710 050

Kid Vicious did his own version of Frank Sinatra’s my way,


whilst Jonny went for a dump, though he did not use such polite language 🙂 and they brought the house down with Anarchy in the UK. All that was missing was the spitting 🙂 And I know it’s a really poor video but it took me 90 mins to upload it so I’m using it 🙂

After that high energy hour in the heat of the tent it was good to get outside into the cool grey mist that had been shrouding the event all day. Blue sky and sunshine would have been preferable but the harr that had rolled in from the Solway firth did give the day a certain surrealness (is that really a word)

240710 056

Wifey had refused to accompany into the Scooter tent, convinced as she was that everyone would be spitting so I caught up with her and the Saw Doctors who were just finishing off with their popular hit N17. I really had wanted to catch more of their performance but they weren’t a patch on Sid and his gang. OK they actually right their own songs and don’t copy anyone else but after the ‘experience’ they seemed a little flat, timing I suppose!

240710 059

The next band we saw, The Go Team certainly raised the tempo again, so much so that we had to return to the old caravan for a rest 🙂

240710 068

Returning just after 23:00 to a very ethereal looking wickerman and Ocean Colour Scene playing to a huge crowd on the main stage.

 240710 070

Shortly after OCS played their last number and just before midnight a lone torch bearer strode up the hill to where the ‘archer’ stood and set fire to him.

240710 073

I dunno how long it took Trevor Leat and Alex Rigg to make him but he didn’t last long, 15 mins and some pretty awesome fireworks later he was toast 😦 It was quite sad really because it really is a beautiful sculpture.

240710 085

Just as the archers flames were subsiding 808 State kicked in with some fine tunes on the main stage and then my feeble old legs gave way and I had to go home 😦 Once more I’d missed the Bass tent headliners due to lack of energy, I really am getting too old for this 🙂

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