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July 24, 2010

Buzzin’ at the ‘Wickerman’

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Almost 3:00pm here on a grey but dry Saturday afternoon at the Wickerman, the music’s great both in the arena and on the campsite where we’re parked. Unfortunately, me being well into middle age did not have the stamina for the headline act last night. I had fully intended to return to the jollifications after watching the old punk rockers, The Buzzcocks in the Scooter tent,

   240710 003

they may be as old as me but these dudes can certainly belt out some energetic numbers.

240710 004

Formed in Bolton in 1976 they have been a huge influence on many rock and punk bands of later years and I was lucky enough to get into the tent before security closed off the entrance. Which was a shame for the many fans waiting outside. To be honest they should have been on the main stage instead of Teenage Fan Club, not that there’s anything wrong with the Glasgow indie rockers, it’s just that these dudes really put on a good show (despite their age :-))

Like I said, I bailed out after the Buzzcocks, missing both the Charlatans and Loops of Fury but I’ve had a good sleep and am now ready for action 🙂


Despite being 300 miles from home and a million miles from work it’s amazing who you come across on your travels 🙂


Though quite how he got an ‘artists’ pass is beyond me, perhaps it was a pi55 artists pass 🙂 anyway I’m sure our paths will cross yet again, probably in the dance tent at 1:30am when the legendary Kutski from Radio 1 is playing a techno and breaks set, I can’t wait 🙂

 240710 001

Most importantly though was the state of the toilets, which were, thanks to regular cleaning by the ‘poo tanker’ far better than your average festival toilet 🙂

So after a hectic afternoon with the boys grass sledging,

240710 016 240710 019 240710 024

and golfing,

240710 011 240710 012

by the soon to be incinerated ‘Wickerman’,

 240710 014

wifey and I are just chillin’ in the caravan whilst the rest of the team shoot each other with lasers 🙂

240710 015

It might be quite grey here but the atmosphere is anything but and I am most definitely going to catch 808 State on the main stage if nothing else 🙂 So now, like any sensible old person, I’m just going to have a wee afternoon nap :-) 

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