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July 20, 2010

It’s Friday :-)

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OK it’s really Tuesday, but it’s just after 4:00am on my Friday, the last banana is awaiting me in the Loch Striven’s mess room and me, just like a child before Christmas can’t sleep 😦 You really think that being in my early fifties I’d have grown out of this by now but some things never change and with me it’s not being able to sleep before a major event. OK, I appreciate that the approach of the last day at work is hardly a major event being as it happens to me about 23 times a year. However the highlight of this ‘week off’ will be the 700mile round trip to in Dumfriesshire via Girvan in Ayrshire.

Sadly we will be missing the Raasay Gala day on Saturday the 24th and the ‘Cast Ewe’s’ in the village hall on the Friday night

but we’ll probably be in a muddy field watching the Charlatans 🙂 And whilst the forecast for the Wickerman is a little iffy it looks like wall to wall sunshine for Raasay.

020610  009

190710 018

Anyway it’s 5:00am now, the day has well and truly begun with a brightening to the north east heralding some much needed sunshine and I’ll fill you in with developments of late.


Well my favourite day got off to a bit of a wet start, which seems to have been ‘par for the course’ of late,

190710 009

still it did produce some spectacular rainbows and did eventually develop into a nice day.

After the morning run, a good clean of the ferry and the weekly boat drill I set about changing the engine mountings on the Land Rover prior to its big trip.

190710 002 190710 003

A straight forward and easy job that just involves loosening the nuts that hold them top and bottom then jacking up the engine high enough to slip them out.

190710 005

And to be honest I wish I’d never bothered because the new ones are a harder rubber and now I’ve developed some annoying rattles 😦 Though from experience I know they will eventually settle down.

190710 011

This strange looking trimaran ‘Larinka’ with its ‘Walker Wingsail’ passed us by heading south, it had sailed north on Friday in a good breeze of west wind and I was amazed at how fast it travelled. Whilst hardly pleasing on the eye the system does have certain advantages, like ease of handling and being able to sail closer to the wind, that is until the computer that controls it has a flakey 😦

Since then it’s all been a little hectic, we’d a double run on Sunday evening and some guests for dinner so no blogging then. Monday started as a pure miserable day with chaos on the car park at Sconser caused by all the traffic wanting to get to Raasay. Though by lunchtime the sun had come out and I even managed some painting on deck.

190710 012

I took advantage of the good weather to go and see progress on the new heritage centre at the old mill in the village.

190710 013

Where Lachie and Angus were busy laying the foundations for the extension to what will hopefully a fitting home for the wealth of displays and artefacts on Raasay’s heritage and history currently locked away in the west wing of Raasay House, which was fortunately saved from the ravages of the fire last year. The thick wall, lack of a direct door and sterling efforts of both the local and Skye firemen stopping the fire spreading westwards into the library and display room. For further information or to make a donation you can contact them via the website

190710 014

Here’s the inside end of the shaft from the waterwheel, which is just crying out for a hydro turbine 🙂

And that’s it really, it’s almost 6:00am and I’m going to get ready for work 🙂

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