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July 18, 2010

It must be the time of the month :-(

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I dunno what it is but you would not believe the amount of things that went ‘pear shaped’ yesterday, none of which I’m prepared to share with anyone right now but suffice to say, Saturday 17th of July was not a good day. Most important of all though, Barry, if by any chance you are reading this please phone or email me.

Anyway despite the best efforts of the weather, planets, forces of nature and ‘him upstairs’ I actually got quite allot done. Due in no small part to having an extra crewman on board who joining our ship for a few days to ‘learn the route’ which struck me as a little odd because we are supposed to be changing the route soon 🙂 Perhaps they know something at head office that we don’t and moving to our new harbour shortly is just a rumour 😦

160710 020

One of the first things that I did yesterday was change all the oil filters on the hydraulic system that operates the ramps, capstans and windlasses on board the good ship Loch Striven. There are three of them, two coarse filters that go on the tank filling side and a fine one on the hydraulic return circuit. It’s not a difficult job but I managed stretch it out by having to resort to desperate measures to remove one of the filters, like I said, it was just one of those days.

Saturday, as usual was pretty quiet during the morning with little traffic leaving Raasay and only the bin lorry arriving on the 8:25 so I took advantage of this to get out of the weather down below and do some painting.

160710 005

The painting served to make the morning fly by and I used my lunch break and a gap in the rain to get away from the noise on board for a while. As usual the village at this time of year is full of youngsters playing so one must be careful when driving through it.

160710 008

Though this young chap seemed to have lost his pals 🙂


160710 012

After lunch I caught sight of this old pilot cutter sailing past the old iron ore pier but it turns out that the ‘Spirit of Fairbridge’ is actually a replica that was built in 1985 to an 1850 design. She now cruises about the west coast giving inner city children a taste of the sea She must have a good turn of speed because when I checked on their website around six hours later she was across the Minch just east of North Uist and it must have been quite fresh out there 😦

Not having to do a spell in the wheelhouse gave me chance to ‘batter on’ with my painting project which again made time fly by to the early evening break when I took the opportunity to go and visit our new berth.

 160710 013

Which had sprouted a navigation light on the end since my last visit a month ago,

160710 014

the small boat steps had grown a stainless steel handrail and some eyes for tying up but still the fendering was not finished 😦

160710 015

The concrete plinth was in position, just awaiting a plaque form the grand opening, whenever that is 🙂

160710 016

Word on the street is that Raasay House will be finished first 🙂


160710 017

Or perhaps the new ‘Heritage centre’ at the old mill which now has foundations 🙂

weather 180710

Anyway, it’s now after 7:00am on Sunday so I’ll leave you with the weather before going out to feed everyone then heading down ‘Calum’s road’ to work.

graph 180710

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