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July 17, 2010

It must have been the pigeon :-(

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Five forty five already and I’ve been up an hour doing all the things that I should have done last night. Yesterday evening however saw me in bed before nine pm resting an aging body and ailing stomach 🙂 Now me I have a stomach like a septic tank that I’ve developed over the years due to spending several of them on a remote island without fridge or freezer but the pigeon breasts fried in wild mushrooms that I had for my lunch yesterday left me feeling decidedly queasy. I know it was not the chanterelles that I cooked them in, for whilst I’m no expert on wild mushrooms I do know a chanterelle when I see and smell one, with it’s distinctive aroma of vanilla. There is a similar one called ‘the false chanterelle’ that causes you to die a long and agonizing death over a period of several weeks from acute liver and kidney failure but I’m pretty sure I did not put any of those in the pan with the pigeon that my boy shot so it must have been the pigeon. Shame really because it did taste delicious 🙂

Anyway as it’s now almost 6:00am and I still have stuff to do I’m just going to stick some pictures on here, load up my dustbins and head south down ‘Calum’s road’ for the ‘longest day’ the dreaded Saturday when I don’t get home until after 22:00 😦

The happy couple



A bit of late news but here’s John and Elita after tying the knot at St Columba’s church in Portree last Saturday, you may remember the last Wednesday which was attended by most of Raasay.


Well I spent most of it with a paint roller in my hand, down bellow when wet and upstairs when dry, which was not very often 🙂

160710 001

The very last crane finally left the harbour site yesterday so there can’t be much lifting left to do.

160710 002

The day before

160710 003

I took this at ‘snow plough corner’ looking over Loch Arnish toward Aird Torran on the way home on Thursday, nothing special apart from all that foam in the water.


140710 002

No wonder the harbour is expensive and behind schedule, here’s the Nobel built Margaret Sinclair ferrying lorries to and fro between Raasay and Sconser so they can dump Rock in the Portree landfill!!!!!! The world has gone mad, as if they could not dump it on Raasay or even better one of the big lifeless muddy holes in the sea.

 140710 003

And I’ll leave you with a sight that cheered me up

140710 010

a fishing boat heading back to it’s home port of Raasay after landing a catch of prawns at Sconser 🙂

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