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July 10, 2010

False alarm

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There may not have been much in the way of wind today but it certainly did rain, relentlessly 😦 Fortunately I was up early and managed to feed everyone before the deluge arrived. Being at home on ‘child watch’ meant that I was unable to leave the croft and tinker with my hydro turbine so had to content myself with having a look at the ‘Old Girl’s’ oil cooler. I’d noticed on the way to Rockness that the oil temperature was creeping up higher than last summer when we were crawling up out of Glen Shiel towards Cluanie. I’d put this down to my re positioning of the oil cooler when I fitted the larger radiator and was not unduly worried as I had several options. 1, I could fit a larger oil cooler, expensive :-(, 2 I could lower my present one to get a better air flow, cheap but I’d have to remove the radiator, fan, winch solenoids etc and it would make the oil cooler a little more vulnerable :-(, 3 I could pipe the water cooled coil in the main rad (which is presently unused) after the air cooled rad, very attractive but a little tricky in the plumbing department 🙂

I’d been weighing up these and other options over the past month and decided to go for option 3, it would be a little fiddly but I’d got a box full of hydraulic couplings off Donald M Macleod Raasay’s very own engineer and figured I could get it done before the on my next week off. It’s 300 miles from Arnish to Dundrennan and that’s a lot of work for 87hp weighing two tons and towing a caravan 😦 However on a warm Wednesday evening with the wind behind us (no air over the radiators) I’d noticed both water and oil temperature creeping up, sure enough the electric fan kicked in to cool the engine at around 88 degrees but the oil temperature was up at 120 and when I stopped to check, the hoses to the cooler were still cold, sorry ladies if this is really boring 🙂 Cold hoses indicating a lack of flow through them, not only that but the oil cooler was stone cold 😦 Eventually on the way home the oil did start to flow but not until the gauge was well over 120 degrees C.

How not to change an oil stat on a Land Rover

Having consulted on’t internet 195944-TD-oil-stat and been told that the stat should be fully open at 74 degrees, I suspected a duff thermostat, a theory that was reinforced by the number that were for sale when I googled the part number ERC5923, when Britpart Shitpart make a copy of something you know that it’s prone to failure 🙂

090710 003

Residing as it does on the side of the oil filter housing it’s pretty easy to remove, just two M6 bolts, or in my case stainless steel Allen bolts (I know I’m an anorak). A wax thermostat is a very simple and fairly reliable piece of kit, the whole thing is filled with wax and as it warms and expands it just pushes out that stainless steel pin.

090710 008

Easy enough to check just heat it up in water and measure the temperature, most important that you do not use your own kettle for testing oily thermostats 🙂 Surprisingly it worked fine so I got to thinking that it was perhaps sticking so left it out and rebuilt it.

An hour later with the engine running at 2000 RPM, the electric fan cutting in and out and the oil at almost 130 degrees there was no sign of warmth through the cooler pipes 😦 Now I’ll not bore you with the details but it then took me several hours of messing about to sus out that the stat needs to be in for oil to be diverted to the cooler and my oil temperature gauge was reading high.

090710 014 090710 020

Something that I confirmed by putting a temperature probe down the dipstick hole, as you can see cheap Durite gauge 100, expensive Fluke 78.6, all in all I’d wasted most of the day on this and got soaked in the process 😦

Much more did happen but I’ll have to fill you in later, it’s 7:00am the sun is shinning, the pigs are hungry and I have some lobsters to deliver to my parents, more of that this evening 🙂


  1. Ingenuity must be your middle name. Or maybe it’s Enginuity🙂

    Comment by kingdomcat — July 10, 2010 @ 10:11 am

  2. Thanks for today’s post, so the thermostat is fully open at 74, I too am playing with my oil cooler. Well not quite, my son is playing with it on my behalf, as I sit in a garden chair and point with a long screwdriver. My wife is away tomorrow, so I will boil mine up and hope the smell of hot oil dissipates before she returns. Sorry ladies but these are the things that the lads get up to when you’re out. If I thought that you would believe it I would explain how I got diesel sump oil on the kitchen ceiling. Trying to wipe it off just exacerbates the situation and painting over it only serves to delays its return.
    Oh deep joy.
    Regards Mike.

    Comment by Mike"Belthorn" — July 10, 2010 @ 7:56 pm

    • Morning Mike,

      hope you got your thermostat cooked nicely 🙂 and even more importantly got rid of the black oil stains and smell 🙂

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — July 12, 2010 @ 7:11 am

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