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June 28, 2010

Rain at last :-)

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Who knows, I might even get a bath 🙂

graph 280610

Hardly a downpour at .5mm and still only taking the whole month of June up to 3.2mm but it did put a little water in our tank and give the veg patch a much needed drink. It also gave me a good excuse to catch up on some office type work, which I am a dab hand at avoiding 🙂

Anyway, whilst it poured down, if that’s the right expression, through the night and into the morning, it was a bonny, if not a little breezy on Sunday.


260610 046

The day starting, as usual with the morning feed and me popping in to see Jamie Lea’s piglets whilst she was at the trough. They are now at that stage where as soon as you stand or sit still they come up to ‘check you out’, any sudden moves and they’re off like a shot but if you move slowly they’ll let you give them a tickle 🙂

When the rest of the household eventually stirred my boy, his two pals and myself went over to Torran to finish off filling the oil tank.


260610 049


Once that was done and lunch out of the way we headed out to sea for a spot of fishing,


260610 054

catching two lithe (pollock) and one saithe (coalie), enough for fish cakes and bait for the creels.

260610 060

The crew were very excited 🙂 And whilst we caught no lobsters, we did come home with three big crabs.

How to change a Land Rover speedo cable

Now this is going to get really boring ladies so you might as well skip this bit 🙂 but if you want to know a good dodge for fitting an awkward speedometer, or any other cable for that matter, then read on. Actually normal Land Rover speedo cables are not that difficult to change but my ‘Christmas tree’ has so much sound proofing around the transmission tunnel and bulkhead that the cable is buried inside it 😦 It also has heavy armoured cables going to the winch and a fuel pipe to the ‘Eberspacher’ heater.

The first thing to do is disconnect it at the gearbox end, a simple M6 nut undoes the fork that presses on the moulded flange on the end of the cable.

 260610 050

Next I cut all the small cable ties that held it to the other cables and pipes and removed the two clips that hold it onto the chassis. Then I chopped off the flange, offered the new cable up to it, slid it over the old one then taped them together.

260610 051

Spraying both cables with WD40 to ease their passage upwards I then disconnected the cable from the short cable that goes to the speedo itself and gently pulled it through.

260610 053

Once in position I removed the tape, connected the cable, fit the clips and fastened the new one onto the gear box. This works just as well with boat steering and control cables, the secret being a good taped joint, plenty of lubrication and if possible someone to push the cable at the same time as you pull.


Ethans rabbit

That was about it really, well apart from some pretty good shooting by one of my boys pals who just supplied us with tomorrow nights dinner using my sons Crosman Ratcatcher.

weather 280610

So I’ll leave you with the weather, skip my bath for yet another day in the interests of water conservation and go to bed 🙂


  1. Hi Paul, On holiday two weeks ago I found a Series One Landrover and a Lister pump at Barra Head Lighthouse – see what you think,

    Comment by lochielbute — June 29, 2010 @ 10:29 am

    • Good morning Isabel,

      fantastic pictures, all of them, the Land Rover is an old 80″ wheelbase and quite rare now. Not sure what model the Lister is, possibly a CS1 but it looks like one that would be used to power the fog horn. Both are not beyond restoration.

      Thanks for sharing them, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — June 30, 2010 @ 5:18 am

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