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April 2, 2010

The long good Friday

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Well it’s not actually over yet and it only seems long because unlike me I’ve not been working my pants off 🙂 Though the back is feeling much better for not doing my usual rock moving or pig related stuff. In fact I’ve really enjoyed spending a bit more time with my boy who’s enthusiasm for work on the croft waned a couple of years ago. His pals who come to visit regularly love all the mucking about on quads and helping with the pigs but then I’m sure that they too would tire of it if they did it on a daily basis 🙂

The first job after ‘not feeding’ the pigs was to build a catapult for my boy, not a regular handheld jobbie but a pure artillery piece of a catapult, one that would really impress his pals when they next came to visit. An old Sky TV dish bracket for a frame to which I welded the forks sat inside a cable drum so it could rotate and screwed to a pallet for stability soon had a field piece that would lob pine cones a fair distance. Powered by an old inner tube I spent much of the morning dodging projectiles.

 020410 006

As did wifey, the pigs and Molly 🙂


020410 007


Once he was quite happy with the ballistics of his new weapon I soaked up the sunshine and just pottered about tidying up my multitude of ‘treasure’ and burning some rubbish.

020410 002

Shona our ‘pig on the hill’ came around for a visit with her nine ‘wee wains’ and thought that she’d check out Rocky’s house, as you can see it was a little small 🙂

020410 003

So she decided to feed them in the sunshine,

020410 004

despite eight of them having their tails gnawed off by number six from the left they’re all thriving and are the friendliest litter that we’ve ever had. Due no doubt to all the attention they had when living out on the hill.

020410 005

It might have been warm in the sun but the wee darlings seemed to like the heat of the fire

020410 008

and were quite happy to let my boy use them for target practice 🙂

A drive down ‘Calum’s road’

Normally wild horses would not drag me away from the croft on a day like today but I was taking it easy and we did need gas so around 15:30 we headed south to catch the shop and get Calor gas. The sun was in the right place and I had my camera man on board so decided to film our return journey from Brochel and the start of the famous road.



Now this is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while and I had fully intended to to this journey to the tune of ‘Calum’s road’ by Capercaillie


but A, it’s not long enough and B, I don’t have a copy in my Land Rover. So I’m afraid your stuck with Orbital’s version of the Dr Who theme from one of their live performances at Glastonbury 🙂 To be honest it’s more my cup of tea. Sorry about the quality but I’m a ‘motorman’ not a cameraman 🙂 and now I’m off to dinner.

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