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February 25, 2010

And then there were 10 :-(

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Another quickie I’m afraid as it’s 21:30 and I’m going to have a bath then turn in.

The thought of Shona and her wains had me up early and away on the quad to feed her and check on them, it came as no surprise that one had died during the night, probably squashed by mum trying to keep warm. The others however seemed lively enough and despite the cold north easterly wind they were actually well sheltered in the deep nest of heather and bracken that mum had made. There was little else I could do other than feed Shona and let nature take its course so I left carrying the still warm dead piglet and headed for work.

250210 007

Whilst the north end was cold with constant light snow it was not lying, unlike at Glame where it was lying thick on the road and drifting. No problem for the Land Rover but I phoned up wifey and advised her against trying to take our son to school.

The constant snow showers and biting wind meant that few people were travelling on the roads and those that were complained of vicious showers and drifting snow at Cluanie. With snow on the A9 and in Inverness making the daily papers arrive late, not that it bothers me but lack of papers is a serious affair on Raasay 🙂 Anyway most of my day was spent clearing a blockage in our emergency fire pump.

250210 001

A task made difficult by some VERY tight M16 bolts

250210 002

so tight in fact that one snapped like a carrot 😦 Anyway some new bolts and the power washer sorted that and now I just need to clear a few broken mussel shells from the seaward side with a pokey thing from the rescue boat but that will have to wait for better weather as the Raasay service was one of the few services that was not disrupted or cancelled today.

250210 016

However whilst we ran normally today it will be a different story on Monday and Tuesday when the council do essential repairs to the slipway at Sconser.

tide for slip

They’ll be starting the work on Sunday so as to minimise disruption but ‘time and tide wait for no man’ as they say and it has to be done when the tide is exceptionally low, as it will be over that period.

Whilst I was busy being a ferryman, wifey was busy being a swineherd and took water up to Shona, as a lactating sow needs plenty. She also planned to have another go at moving them but decided against it as they seemed quite happy in their nest. Unfortunately another one was almost dead but wifey thought there was something wrong with it anyway, as did Shona for she’d pushed it out of the nest and buried it.

As usual the day at work was over before I knew it and I headed home with the wind on the nose of the Land Rover encountering some thick snow at Glame that made me glad to have discouraged wifey from taking my boy to school. It must have been bad because Sandy our postman had failed to get the mail up to Arnish and Sandy is a pretty determined chap 🙂 Still he’s left it on the seat of the ‘Old girl’ for me and I smiled as I saw his zig zagging tracks up Glame brae before he’d given up. You can say what you like about the Royal Mail but in these parts nothing comes close for service and price 🙂


And I know the video is cr4p but I just stuck the camera on the dash of the Land Rover to take a still then switched it to movie to see what would happen 🙂 Anyway it was driving through this that got me even more worried about Shona, so as soon as I’d got home and eaten my haggis I went to see her.

250210 014 ,

Taking her 10 litres of water and an apple, she came to see me had a drink of water then went back to her piglets and ever so carefully buried them in the nest before going back to the water. After drinking her fill she went back to the wains, carefully dug them out with her nose then pushed them to one side as she lay down, pigs are truly amazing creatures. At the north end of Raasay there was little snow and amongst the birch trees in their nest, mum and her brood seemed quite happy so I’ll sleep a little easier tonight.

I’ll be very surprised if all 10 of them survive but as every hour passes they get stronger and Bramble one of our Tamworth sows has been going to visit her as if to give her encouragement and help keep the crows at bay. So I’ll leave you with the weather before I go to bed as I can’t wait to see them tomorrow.

weather 250210

graph 250210

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