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February 23, 2010

Full circle

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It’s been yet another peachy day here at the north end though it did follow what must have been the coldest night I can remember for years. Now minus 2 might not seem very cold to all you battle harden folks out east or down south where minus 10 to 15 has not been uncommon but up here, warmed by the gulf stream and living in a 150 year old stone house it’s boodly freezing. At least it seems that way to my Mediterranean blood so last night it was woolly socks and an extra T shirt to bed  The inside temperature fell below 15 degrees for most of the night which is the lowest I’ve recorded since installing my WH 1090 weather station on Boxing day. Even the red wine that I took to warm me up was too cold and just to make matters worse, Yellowlegs the new cockerel started crowing at 23:30 outside the bedroom window !!!! Like I said to wifey, “if he keeps this up he’ll be going the same place as Dandy” which was pot roasted, curried and turned into soup 🙂 Actually I think he’ll settle down once he realizes that Dandy, who’d been chasing him for about a year ain’t  coming back 🙂

Of course the beautiful morn was tempered somewhat when I remembered that it was Tuesday, my last day of pig husbandry and the day before I become a ferryman yet again 🙂

210210 059

Still when I walked to the end of our drive with feed bucket in hand, Rocky at my heels and gazed at the Storr, almost pink in the early morning sun with the ‘Old man’ casting a blue shadow, all thoughts of work and ferries went out of my mind 🙂

Progress, sort of

It may have been a bonny day but the pipes were frozen and I needed to make the the power supply to the house more ‘swineherd friendly’ before  I abandoned her for the week. OK, I get home every night but its after 11 and a half hours of diesel engines in my ears and 45 minutes of the Land Rover so I’m not very fresh 🙂 Anyway as regular followers will know, Harry the HR2 is out of commission and we’re now using Twinny, the ST2 Lister to top up the batteries that power the house when the wind does not blow. The only problem is that the ST2 will not ‘auto start’ like the HR2 and various switches have to be thrown in a certain order and plugs plugged in to make everything work.

pigs 025

So I spent a good part of the day arranging things so that all wifey has to do is start the generator and not mess about with plugs and switches. I also wired it so that the heaters come on in the porch when the generator is running, 4 or 5 hours a day should do it and if we run the genny in the evening getting out of the bath won’t be such a chore 🙂 Anyway with a bit of luck some wind will be here on Thursday and Friday looks positively Gale force 🙂

Milk at last

After sending away the seven piglets yesterday I was half hoping that Bracken would farrow before I went back to work but repeated checking of her teats revealed no milk. That is until this evening when I did the rounds feeding,

230210 004 

a gentle squeeze with forefinger and thumb revealed a tell tale drop, perhaps tonight 🙂

Not only was Bracken showing signs of imminent piglets but Jamie Lee was back on heat having only lost her piglets on Friday so we took Bramble out of Ginger’s field and led her in. I say led, it was more a case of opened the gate and watched her charging towards Ginger.

230210 007

Who wasted no time in serving her 🙂 so I left them to it and went to cut and split some more wood, for looking at it looks like snow 😦


and wind 🙂

Vitalic to play Rockness 🙂

That was about it really, the wood store was topped up, the quads put away, the uniform pressed and the overalls washed, the only thing missing is the bananas which I forgot to buy in Portree yesterday. We’ve gone pretty much full circle on the pig front in just a couple of days, one litter away, one to be born and another in the making.

230210 013

The day ended as it always does at this time of year, just that little bit later than the previous one with Brothers point and Lewis still visible at 18:00 🙂

230210 012

All in all it had been a great day made all the better when I received an email from the Rockness organisers informing me that the French DJ Vitalic would be playing there in June.


Now this dude really rocks, I’ve seen him at T in the Park and at the Barrowlands, AWESOME 🙂 this tune brought the roof down and is from his album OK Cowboy.

OK, I appreciate that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it really ‘floats my boat’ 🙂

and if you liked that you’ll love this


The tune is Diabla by Funk D Void AKA Lars Sandberg who is a great fan of playing in these parts, I’ve seen him at Rockness, Dornie, and T in the park, I even got him to sign his awesome CD, Volume Freak when I bumped into him at Carr Brae 🙂 Anyway even if you think the music’s cr4p the video was filmed in Glencoe and Luss so is worth a gander.

Anyway, it’s after 22:30 so I’m going to leave you with the weather, check on Bracken and go to my bed 🙂

graph 230210

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