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February 22, 2010

Nothing broken :-)

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The three days of electrical and mechanical failures that plagued my life recently inducing severe depression seems to have come to an end with nothing fresh broken, shorted, burnt, failed, lost, or failed today. In fact today has been like a wee holiday, actually it’s probably been better than quite allot of holidays that I remember on the west coast 🙂 For a start it was sunny and warm, warmer indeed than many Easters I can remember and the visibility has been stunning, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much of anywhere in such a short distance, if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn’t 🙂

From the Butt of Lewis, to the Small Isles, from Gairloch and Torridon to the Five Sisters and beyond I’ve seen it all in a magnificent white coat, and apart from a brief sojourn into Kyle I’ve not left Skye. Today’s plan was for the swineherd to take the boy to school then go on to an appointment in Kyle whilst my ‘apprentice’ and I would load up the seven piglets and amble down for the 12:15 ferry. After the mornings feed however it became clearly apparent that the day was going to be a ‘pure peach’ so we decided to all try and get the 9:55 ferry.

220210 003 

The seven piglets had already been squashed in this pen yesterday for worming and as nothing bad had happened to them they were actually quite happy to go back in today.

220210 008

You can tell by that curly tail 🙂 they were going to two customers on Skye, 5 boars for Glendale and 2 gilts just outside of Portree. The boys would be going last so they went in their crate first followed by the two girlies in their own converted fish cage float.

220210 001

The whole operation went like clockwork and after leaving the sleeping piglets on the car park at Sconser we headed to Kyle where there was lots going on.

220210 030

The heavy lifting ship Eendracht was unloading wind turbines at the Railway pier

220210 026

with her two massive Liebherr cranes working in perfect harmony and barely a degree or two of list coming on the purpose built vessel.

220210 027

220210 025

The huge sections were soon loaded onto the special lorries for shipping over the Skye bridge and onwards to Broadford aerodrome where they are stored until ready for shipping to I know not where 🙂

220210 034

We then headed back to Sconser for our sleeping piglets, hitched up the trailer, after a brief shop and stock up with feed in Portree we set off for the shores of Loch Snizort

220210 038


where ‘Grunt and Groan’ were lifted into their new home.

Next it was the 20 mile beautiful drive to Glendale and another lochside home with fine views for the 5 boys.

220210 040

Molly of course helped to show the boys around their new field and also gave them instruction on tail curling 🙂

220210 041

and that was it really. A magnificent drive back to Sconser via Struan and Sligachan on deserted roads had us back in time for the 16:15 ferry and the evening feed, which thanks to seven less mouths to feed was pretty easy 🙂

weather 220210

Dandy for dinner

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The first thing that I noticed this morning as I lay in bed pondering if I should get up was the silence or should I  say the less noise 🙂 Today was just a little more peaceful than normal as we only had one cockerel ‘doodling’ this morning, Dandy the ‘cock o’ the north’ was hanging by his legs in the shed for I’d pulled his neck yesterday for tonight’s dinner.

A fine looking bird he must have been a couple of years old having been hatched by the children in the Raasay primary school. Still if we left him any longer he’d get tough and eating him would give the youngster a chance. Yellowlegs as he’s come to be known on account of, well his yellow legs has not been able to get near the hens as Dandy keeps him at bay. Anyway he’s got an extra spring in his step today and a little more cock in his doodledoo 🙂


Sorry, a severe bout of depression sent me to bed in a ‘hump’ last night, my world is falling apart around my ears 🙂 Must be frigging sun spot activity, the stars or global warming whatever it is I’m severely miffed. First Harry the main back up generator failed, not normally an issue at this time of year as we usually have plenty of wind. That appears to be in hand but may take a while so I wired in Twinny the Lister ST2 to ease the burden. however he will not auto start or stop so it’s a trip out to the shed if the battery voltage goes down below 48v. Then the Cooker fan oven failed it the on position, again not a major issue apart from the fact that we cannot use the other oven or grill. Next the CD/radio failed on the ‘Old girl’ which is a major issue and it took me several hours yesterday to fix it. That really pi55ed me off because after the major effort of removing it it fixed itself when I removed the fuse on the back of the unit to check it, the fuse was OK but when I replaced it the thing started working. This makes me think that I could have fixed it by just disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and saved me a couple of hours work and cursing on the Sabbath 🙂

Electrical disaster then struck in a big way when the power went off in the house, with an ‘overcurrent’ error code coming up on the inverter. The last time this happened it took me three weeks to find where a mouse had eaten through a cable and the next hour or so was spent running back and fore from the generator shed re setting the inverter and trying to isolate the fault.

210210 027

Turned out to be a dodgy 4 way extension lead that feeds the TV/Skye box etc.

210210 001

Took a break late afternoon to run my boys pals home, normally wifey would have done this but I needed a break from disaster 🙂

210210 002

And the 22 mile round trip in the afternoon sun certainly helped my mood

210210 007

Worming the wains

Returning home just before feeding time we set about worming the 7 piglets that will be going away tomorrow. In the past we’ve used an ‘in feed’ wormer but once or twice I suspect one piglet got more and another less so we’ve now changed to injecting the wee ones.

210210 034

It was easy enough to squash them up in a corner with a little feed and a hurdle.

210210 035

Then it was just a matter of giving each of them a subcutaneous .5ml jag of ‘Panomec’

210210 055

That was it really, wifey pot roasted Dandy four about 4 hours and he was delicious 🙂

weather 210210

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