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February 18, 2010

It’s done :-)

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Twelve minutes past nine in the evening and the four year old French red with more crap on the label than your average election campaign flyer is finally poured 🙂 Unlike most political campaign material this delivered what it said, well it did if you cut through all the bull on the label and got down to the ‘nitty gritty’ which was that it was a very fine bottle indeed 🙂 Called La Cuvee, Mythique and reduced from £7.99 to £3.99 I spied it yesterday in the Co op, it was 2006, 13.5% and from the Languedoc region in the south of France, it had to be good 🙂

Anyway I’m getting a little ahead of myself so I’ll rewind to this morning when I stepped out into a frosty morn to feed the pigs and separate Braken from Shona ready for farrowing. Once that was done I loaded my boy up in the Land Rover, hitched up my trailer and took him down a very white road to school. The trailer I’d taken to load with beach stones for the paths in the veg patch but the tide was way to high for that so once I’d dropped off my son I had a run down to the harbour to check out the pier.

180210 001

It was 9:15, the tide was 4.78m and there was still a couple of meters of pier above the water so perhaps it will be high enough after all, still it was calm and the pressure high so only time will tell.

180210 002

The steel reinforcing for the wooden piling supports had appeared since my last visit and it was really looking good.

180210 003

There was plenty going on at Raasay house but I had little time to spare so headed home with an empty trailer,

180210 004

though it was not empty for long as I stopped at Oscaig to do a spot of quarrying

180210 007

and act like a pure prat with my Land Rover 🙂 I know, I really should grow up but I’ve had her for almost 10 years now and whilst I do dress her up like a Christmas tree most of the modifications are for a good reason.

After filling up the trailer with this fine granophyre, or at least I think that’s what it’s called, I continued north on a road that had lost it’s white covering due to the warmth of the day.

180210 011

Once home I let Rocky and the piglets out to help clean the trailer that I’d used to take Curly away in yesterday as there was still lots of food in there that he’d been too stressed to eat, of course Molly had to help 🙂 The next job, after second breakfast of fried spuds, home made bacon and eggs was to deposit the mornings load on the road in front of the house after which I cleaned out Bramble and Ginger.

With the road patched Molly and I started work on another section of the veg patch paths. I’d made my mind up to make at least one every ‘week off’ for wifey.

180210 016  Making up a wooden frame, lining it with coal and feed sacks then pouring pebbles into it,

180210 019

and apart from stopping for a bite of lunch the ‘wee dug’ and I had it finished for 15:00 🙂

180210 020

OK, we’ve still got two more of these to do and then the path round the edge but it’s gonna be brilliant once it’s finished, honest!

After that I went to have a look at my neighbour’s water heater, power washed  both the trailer and Land Rover, fed the pigs then went in for dinner. Normally I don’t do anything after dinner, well apart from plonk away on here broadcasting my life to the whole world, well perhaps not all of it 🙂 Tonight however I’d vowed to do my VAT return, so after setting everything out on the table and opening the aforementioned French fruity number to breath and give me encouragement I got stuck in.


And I really don’t know why I get in such a state about it, 21:00 saw it finished and a few minutes later I was sharing the bottle with the swineherd 🙂

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