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February 16, 2010

It’s a big list this week :-)

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Well that’s it, the bananas are finished and my ‘rest week’ has begun, there’s a nice fruity Italian number that came via Armadale warming on the mantelpiece and once the boy and his pals go to bed I’m going to pour me a glass, or two 🙂

The day was spectacular right from the word go, not sunny but clear and sharp without a breath of wind, which is great for ferrymen but not so hot for wind turbines and mine did precious little work today. Leaving for work at 6:30 in the forlorn hope of bagging a rabbit on the way south it was already brightening to the east.

160210 004

Taking the ‘low road’ I stopped above North Bay for a while and watched work on our new harbour as the day brightened, being a little surprised by the amount of snow that had fallen on Glamaig. I was even more astonished to find many of the vehicles that I passed in the village covered in frost for there had been no sign of it at Arnish.

160210 001

The two Arbroath Smokies that I had for dinner last night had left me with a raging thirst this morning so once on board the Loch Striven and she was fired up I tucked into ‘the last banana’ 🙂 Banana number seven, my on board ships calendar was demolished with a bowl of muesli and extra milk to slake my thirst.

160210 005 

After which it was business as usual and into the Raasay slip for our first load of cars and commuters, though I just had to run off the boat just to snap Ben na Calliach shrouded in pink and grey mist.

160210 006

Once at Sconser we took advantage of the high tide created by the new moon to give the boat a wash, something that we’ll be able to do on Raasay for the first time once the new harbour is finished as it’s a similar height .

160210 009

The big tide might have been good for washing windows but the road works would have to wait for it to ebb a little before they could do any work above that beautiful rock armour.

A little more handrail painting ensured that the morning was very quickly a memory and once tied up for lunch wifey picked me up and took me down to the harbour.

160210 013

Work seemed to be progressing well on the wave wall on top of the pier

160210 015

but a little slower on the retaining wall that leads up to the old pier 🙂

160210 017

Buffalo Bill was hard at it with his tipper truck pouring infill into the pier ( I think )

160210 011

and Raasay House looked like it had been cleared of much of the debris from inside.

 raasay house 160210

At least that’s what I think that big pile of rubbish in front of the house is.

Pretty soon it was back to the afternoon runs on the ferry, more painting and of course finishing off the weeks work for my opposite number who would be on for the next seven days.

160210 018

That was about it as far as work goes, the Portree prawn creeler ‘Golden Rule’ headed home on a glassy sea and after tying up at 18:40 so did I.

There’s plenty in store for me on the croft this week, the priority being the VAT return but we’ll just see how long I can put that off! first thing tomorrow it’s taking Curly to Dornie which could be interesting as I hear there’s snow over there 😦 Then there’s cleaning everyone out and of course the hydro turbine, feeding, taking oil to Torran, etc, etc, I can’t wait 🙂

Today’s weather

weather 160210

Or should I say today’s lack of weather as I really cannot remember a winter of such light winds and of so little rain.

graph 160210

Anyway, now I have an appointment with a young Italian and need an early night 🙂

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