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February 15, 2010

Back on the beach

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Mondays never seemed so good until I started working for Cal Mac and my week began to end on Tuesday 🙂 I was also looking forward to driving down the road in my clunk free Land Rover, you may find this odd but even after 20 years I still enjoy the 11 mile trek to the ferry and what may seem even odder is the fact that I still enjoy it in a 23 year old Land Rover. Partly because I’m a good meter higher up than your average car and partly because it goes so slow that I see lots of stuff that hastier modes of transport would have me miss. The ‘Old girl’ has also been up and down the road that often that she seems to know the way 🙂

Anyway after hitching up my trailer I headed south for the Loch Striven and what is usually a very busy day, whilst it’s my Thursday to most other people it is definitely Monday 😦 Sure enough traffic was heavy, the usual harbour traffic being complemented by yet a few more tourists.

150210 001

The clam divers also started their weeks labours


and I at last finished working on the aft ramp ‘finger flaps’ as you can see in this picture taken by a customer, ( cheers David 🙂 )

Lunchtime came around all too quickly and with my suspension repaired I headed for the beach for stones and seaweed for the garden.

150210 004

The large tides turning up a bit of treasure in the form of a good sized piece of trawl netting

150210 005 

which is great for making ‘scallop bags’ or ‘keeps’ out of if you happen to be a clam diver, it’s also great for making hay feeders, hammocks and patching holes in fences 🙂

After lunch I lagged the exhaust on the emergency fire pump and the chimney on the central heating boiler whilst the harbour master patched up the slipway  again, for the last time 🙂

150210 006

The ‘Ronja Pioneer’ sailed by just as we left Raasay at 15:40 with a full load of fish from Greshornish on Skye.

150210 008

And after a few more runs we tied up the ferry and I drove home

150210 014

by a thin sliver of moon past the new harbour works.

OK, I know it’s a bit of a lame effort but I had things to do and it’s time for bed, so I’ll just leave you with the weather and promise to try harder tomorrow ( my Friday 🙂 ) night.

weather 150210

graph 150210

tide 150210

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