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February 13, 2010

Nearly done :-)

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It’s 19:50 and the ‘longest day’ is coming to a close, when today is over it’s all downhill, 4 bananas eaten, 3 to go and it barely seems like I’ve been at work for a couple of days, let alone 4! A late ferry tonight has given me chance to do most of the maintenance that I would have done on Sunday  like checking the Fenner couplings on the main engines

130210 017

and running up the Lister LV1 emergency battery charger.

130210 018

The Fenner couplings being a kind of rubber tyre that gives a slightly flexible coupling between the main engine and the fluid coupling that drives the gearbox. It can also shear in the event of something like a rope or rock stopping the drive units thus preventing even more damage, they give little trouble but must be checked weekly for cracks and tears.

The little single cylinder Lister drives a 24v alternator that can be used to charge either the emergency or main engine/generator batteries in the event of a charging fault. Again very unlikely as there are back up mains chargers on board but this is a ship and you can’t ‘bump start’ it 🙂

It’s also given me chance to get a coat of paint on my new radius arms for the Land Rover which arrived on Thursday

130210 003

actually they’re on their third coat 🙂 I’m a bit of an anorak when it comes to my Land Rover, despite them coming powder coated in a lovely grey I gave them a couple of coats of primer

130210 005

and a coat of ‘crankcase red’. Not because I like the colour but because some of the powder coating had got damaged in transit and I didn’t have the time to send them back and complain. Hopefully I’ll get at least one of them fitted tomorrow then I can stop nursing my wounded Land Rover down ‘Calum’s road’

Anyway, I’m sat here in the mess room with only the purr of the Lister HRW6 generator for company and it’s bliss after almost 12 hours of the main engines running and the constant whine from the hydraulics. It’s been a funny day with a couple of empty or near empty sailings and the odd busy one, with the first signs of a little holiday traffic due to the school half term.

It’s also Valentines day tomorrow so I got some oysters from Paul McGlynn of 🙂 To be honest they were for me and I’ve already demolished 5 😦 I have a pork for oysters arrangement with Paul though I’m not actually sure what the current exchange rate is, fortunately, unlike in the currency markets, speculation by third parties has little effect 🙂

130210 020

After finishing my weekly maintenance tasks I went ashore to take some pictures of my floating workplace at peace alongside the old Raasay iron ore pier.

ferry at night

Then drove up the hill to look down on her.

130210 015


Back home now after easing myself up ‘Calum’s road’ at 20MPH through fear of breaking the weld on my dodgy radius arm. Bathed at last and with a glass of red wine by my side I’ll be in bed very shortly but first here’s the weather.

weather 130210

graph 130210

Here also is a plug for the curry night to be held at to raise funds for a gala day to celebrate the opening of our new pier.

130210 001

I believe that the Portree lifeboat and the coastguard helicopter have been provisionally booked and I’ll keep you informed as I find out more.

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