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February 12, 2010


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Sorry about this, got distracted for a while there, I did intend to start banging away on here much earlier but I’ve been doing a little research on my multi penstock hydro system on here  and it’s getting a little complicated. Nothing that can’t be sorted but just a little more involved than I envisaged.


Anyway my plan of doing things that I don’t particularly like is not working and despite much handrail painting on the good ship Loch Striven my life is disappearing before me at an alarming rate. Today was not the wall to wall sunshine that promised, it was in fact cloudy at times with the odd shower but no less beautiful for all that. Actually the cloud and showers just served to make the day more spectacular and it also prevented me from painting any handrails 🙂

120210 005

Fortunately, and what’s more unusually for the west coast the few showers that there were came straight down and not sideways so I did manage to do some painting under the wheelhouse.

120210 010

Spending most of my day on the upper deck meant that I had a good view, normally  much of my day is spent  down below, on the car deck or in the mess room so I can miss out on many of the sights.

120210 001

Like this shower passing down the Inner Sound towards Eyre light

120210 011

and of course the ‘Quarrymans’ quarry 🙂 Now I can see that many people would regard this as a blot on the landscape, not me, I love quarries and have spent a good deal of my life on, in and under them. As a child I would wander the English Lake District exploring disused slate quarries and copper mines and as a young adult I’d go diving in flooded gravel pits in the Yorkshire Dales or slate pits in Wales, ahh, those were the days. Setting off early on a Sunday morning to dive in the gin clear freezing waters of some 30m deep flooded hole near Coniston complete with its old railway lines and stolen Transit vans 🙂 Life certainly did not pass by so quickly in those days, in fact life seemed to drag by for 48 weeks a year as I waited for my holidays to come around.

120210 009

Lunchtime soon came around and I went to visit my old mate and ex skipper Willy Eyre for a coffee without the background hum of a diesel engine.

The afternoon was busy enough with harbour workers leaving for the weekend and I just got on with my painting.

120210 012

120210 016

The Ronja Pioneer headed south with a full load

120210 020

and I went to have a look at the 16 year old spruce tree that is like a bonsai tree on the end of the pier, growing in a bit of dirt between two planks several meters above the sea this tree is the ultimate survivor. Battered by winter gales, parched in the summer and covered in salt for most of the year it still clings bravely onto life.

120210 021

But then it does have a lovely view 🙂

crane at night

Despite many workers leaving for the weekend the harbour was still busy as I headed slowly home at 19:00, slowly because I wanted to bag a rabbit for Sundays dinner. Stopping near Calum’s cairn just after Brochel I left the Land Rover armed with a torch and my boys Crossman Ratcatcher, returning a few minutes later with a nice buck rabbit that I’d shot in the throat. Which as regular followers will know is not a common occurrence, as the good wife says “if we had to rely on your hunting skills we’d starve” 🙂

wether 120210

So I’ll just leave you with the weather, which as you can see is very boring and not very good for wind turbines 😦

graph 120210

I know, Its rubbish

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Poor effort today I’m afraid, well yesterday actually as it’s 6:00am on Friday and on Thursday I pretty much went straight to bed after eating my dinner. So I’ll just leave you with a few pictures and you can make up your own text 🙂

110210 001

The harbour work was in full swing just after 7:00am, me being there a little earlier than usual having taken wifey’s Daihatsu instead of the ‘Old girl’

110210 007 

I swear that Glamaig had a slightly greener tinge to it today, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner 🙂

110210 013

A spot of deck washing due to lack of rain 🙂

110210 014

A red sky to the north, looks like a good day tomorrow (today)

Harbour 3Harbour 4 Harbour 5

some pictures of the harbour taken from the Arduish by John Allan give you an idea of the size.


Harbour 1


weather 110210


graph 110210

and that’s it, I’m off to work 😦

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