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February 10, 2010

Over the moon

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Over the moon is probably a bit strong but I was looking forward to going to work this morning, at least when at work I can ease my conscience by telling myself that I don’t have time to do my VAT return 🙂 Which is a load of ‘dingo’s kidneys’ because it takes me longer to write a days post on here than do my VAT return and I don’t get paid for writing this.

Anyway as usual I arose at 5:30 and boosted my ego by looking on here at my stats, only 745 hits yesterday but I suppose the good weather doesn’t help, still a year ago I used to get excited when I reached 100 🙂 Ego boosted, bananas loaded and clutching an armful of margarine tubs full of last weeks leftovers I went out to feed the pigs. No not with the leftovers, they were for my lunches, venison curry, lentil soup and a pork roast dinner for me, sow rolls for the pigs.  Pig feeding is not usually in my remit during the working week, apart from Sunday but the swineherd has a sore back so I did it on the way to work.

The first thing that struck me was how much lighter it was on this morning than the last time I’d headed south to work on the Loch Striven.

100210 001

The second thing that struck me as I nursed the Old Girl down ‘Calum’s road’ with her sore radius arm was how big and orange the moon was over Broadford.

100210 004

In fact I spent so much time looking at the sliver of waning crescent that I almost went in the ditch 😦

100210 006

The third thing that struck me as I arrived at the old iron ore pier that is the Loch Striven’s berth was how light it was since my last shift. The next time I start my weekly shift will be the 24th and by then it will be light at both ends of the day. We could still get a load of 5h1t thrown at us but it really felt like winter was over 🙂

The day at work was fairly ordinary on the traffic front, a ‘DG’ ( dangerous goods ) in the form of the Calor gas lorry on the 8:25 meant a couple of cars had to be left behind but apart from that it was fairly quiet. This suited me fine as it meant that I could get on with a job that I hate, painting hand rails. In an effort to make my life pass by slower I’ve decided to do more things that I don’t like doing 🙂

100210 024

Unfortunately I only thought of this last night so did not have time to extend my week off by doing the VAT return, still it has given me something to look forward to in my week off 🙂

Even though I hate painting those fiddly railings the morning shot be with alarming speed and before I knew it lunchtime was here.

100210 011

So I wasted no time in driving around to see progress at our new home ( well the boat’s )

100210 013

I was pleased to see that the first section of ‘wave wall’ was cast and the shuttering in place for the next one.

100210 023

The whole day was magnificent and was just missing a few dolphins or porpoises to finish it off.

100210 027

As it was we got a lovely sunset and now I’m off to bed 🙂

weather 100210

graph 100210

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