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February 9, 2010

Up the garden path

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Tuesday already and the ‘rest week’ as usual has flown by, come to think about it the working week flew by pretty quickly too, come to think of it my life’s flying by much faster than I’d like 😦 What I need to do is find something that I really dislike and do it all the time, that way time might just slow down a little. Which reminds me, I’ve managed to avoid doing my VAT return yet again, I am very good at avoiding things and that VAT return is up there with Pot Noodles and Eastenders in the avoidance stakes. Stupid really because since I stopped doing sub contract diving work the VAT man invariably owes me 🙂 I really did intend to do it today but it was so nice that I could not bear the thought of being stuck inside.

090210 003 (Small)

Desperate to get some work done on my new hydro scheme I started fitting the third ( centre ) outlet from the header tank just after I’d fed the pigs and before it was even light. The middle ‘pennstock’ will actually be my existing 63mm pipe that’s currently feeding my 200w Navitron unit. However that big 90mm one I fitted was free and came with a reducer 🙂

090210 001 (Small)

Here it is on the inside of my ‘Dreadnought’ water tank , 50mm at the bottom, 63mm and 90mm at the top. The plan being that as water flow in the burn increases it will rise up the tank and flow to the different nozzles on the turbine, it’s all a bit experimental and I’d love to hear from anyone who has actually done this.

Long overdue

Once that was done I started some long overdue work in our veg patch, I’m no gardener and just do what I’m told, whilst I don’t exactly avoid work in our garden I do tend to put it ‘on the back burner’ for far longer than I should.

090210 011

090210 012

That strange black thing is out of a large salmon cage and is used to keep the ‘bird net’ off the water, we use it as a raised bed but it has potential to be used for climbing things like beans or it could even be covered in polythene 🙂

Anyway, I know it’s a disgrace with all the rushes but I plan to make some proper paths for wifey before starting on any serious work.

090210 004

After marking the area out with bailer twine I cut a groove in the turf to slot the wooden boards in that I’d salvaged from the old school shed, then I laid down old coal sacks, this lets the water through but stops the stones disappearing into the soil.

090210 014

Molly was, as ever keen to help!

090210 005

and after a few hours we had the first section filled with pebbles off the beach. That took me nicely up to a ham and lentil soup for lunch, ham as in our very own Raasay cured ham 🙂

Dicing with death

090210 010

You should never come between a pig and its food, certainly not a boar and this ‘wee dug’ could have been bitten in half by Ginger where he as bad tempered as some pigs. Molly will eat anything apart from dog food, sheep food yes, hen food yes, pig food yes, dog food no, I despair with her at times. Here she is wolfing down half potatoes from in front of a hungry 200kg pig and no amount of shouting would stop her. Ginger really is a pure softie 🙂

As well as ensuring enough wood was split for the week and making sure batteries were topped up I could not resist laying a few more pipes on the hydro scheme. I’d already laid 110mm pipe but the new couplings I got yesterday meant that I could change some of it for 90mm. This may seem like a backward step but 90 is plenty big enough and I only used the 110 because it was in longer lengths and would save on couplings.

090210 007

Did I mention that I am not ‘a dog person’, perhaps I should tell Molly 🙂

Arnish weather

That was about it really, my uniform is all ready for tomorrow and with a bit of luck I’ll actually get into my trousers this week. The Land Rover is fuelled up and pointing the right way ready for a quick getaway in the morning and I’ve been sorting out 7 bananas so I’ll know what day it is 🙂

weather 090210

graph 090210

tide 090210

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