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February 3, 2010

Where’s Rocky?

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Where did January go? OK, I know it’s now the 3rd of February but I’ve been kind of tired and too busy to do my usual waffling of late but getting that 31 days by after Hogmanay is always a bit of a milestone. January here normally being the wettest, windiest and darkest month, well perhaps not darkest by the day length but certainly the darkest due to thick cloud, wild weather, rain and usually power cuts. It’s also the month that the ferry often has to cancel due to bad weather but not this January, with only a couple of sailing disruptions and cancellings it’s the quietest start to the year I can remember. Even though the rest of Britain has been at times at a standstill due to snow, we seem to have got off lightly and with the days stretching out and no sign of bad weather on the horizon spring feel like it’s just around the corner. We can still get plenty of 5hitty weather but the longer days will make it all that more bearable if it comes.

Anyway, as you’re probably aware this is my ‘rest week’, so today I rested 🙂 honest, I stayed in bed until 6:45 before rushing round madly, feeding the pigs and getting my boy ready for school. Without even time for breakfast or to fuel up the ‘Old girl’ I foolishly took wifey’s Daihatsu YRV 4×4, which may well be four wheel drive but it’s not a patch on the Land Rover.

020110 031  

Luckily despite being somewhat rushed I had left the house early so had plenty of time for taking photographs on the way south.

020110 028

The gritter had not been out yet so the it was a bit of a struggle getting out of Brochel and certainly would not have been possible in 2wd.

020110 034

The mountain which dominates my life, for I can see it from just about everywhere, looked magnificent in the early morning sun. The Storr and its ‘old man’, just casting a shadow bottom right could give any mountain in Europe a run for its money in terms of sheer majesty 🙂

020110 040

Waiting in a lay bye to let the snow plough past on the steep hill to Glame at least I knew my return journey would not be so slippy 🙂

Meanwhile back at the harbour

Dropping the boy off at school and with the sun shining I headed on down to the new harbour, it was high tide and a while since I’d last been there, by road at least.

020110 042

020110 041

That’s the shuttering going up for the ‘wave wall’ that will provide extra protection for what is, in my humble opinion a pier that is at least 1m too low, but what do I know. I am however assured by much wiser and qualified people that they have done all the calculations  and models and it is perfectly designed to match the maximum wave height and tide. I just hope they did not base their wind calculations on the nearest weather station at Lussa on Skye, for as anyone who lives on Skye and observes the weather will tell you THE LUSSA STATION DOES NOT RECORD SOUTH WIND accurately. Don’t believe me? then next time it’s blowing a force 9 from the south on Raasay and the ferry is tied firmly to Scotland just go to  click on Lussa and I guarantee that it will be showing a force 4 or 5 🙂

Rant over, it is looking rather nice and I was told that the shuttering is in for the first part of the last underwater pour. Which if all goes to plan would be going ahead as soon as the tide dropped a little more.

020110 045

020110 048

The tug Kingston Lacy had obviously brought in a barge load of rock armour from the old Howard Doris site at Kishorn and a machine with a grab was busy unloading it.

020110 052

020110 051

I know this kind of stuff goes on all the time at building sites but I find it fascinating, I just love rocks, they’re so solid and dependable 🙂

020110 053 

The ‘Golden Emblem’ was floating peacefully on her mooring ropes and seems to have sprouted a chimney.

After my brief trip around the harbour I headed north on the freshly gritted road with little drama, which was just as well because I was expecting a repair man in a van. Not for me but for my mates house at Torran who’s new Miele chest freezer had died just as he filled it with pork 😦 First however I had to grab a quick breakfast of black pudding, what else, I mean I had so much in my fridge I just didn’t know where to start so I left it up to wifey who served me a few slices of RS Irelands chilli black pudding, I was most impressed. No sooner had I finished it than the man from Miele arrived, I gave him a quick lesson in quadmanship, he loaded up his tools, I loaded up my dog

020110 082

and off we went along the rough track to Torran. The freezer was in need of a new compressor so beyond a ‘field repair’, Mr Miele went back to Kingussie and I got on with cleaning and moving pigs.

020110 057

Ginger our boar first, he was going into another field at the opposite end of the croft with Bramble who should be coming on heat shortly.

Next I put Shona and Braken into a field that’s been ‘fallow’ for 3 months and also has access to the common grazing. Pigs just love being moved on to fresh ground and waste no time in checking out their new surroundings, so with them happy I went to look at Jamie Lee, her 7 piglets and their lodger Rocky.

020110 058

Sticking my head in their insulated ark I saw Jamie Lee in the classic ‘no more milk for you’ posture of lying on her teats, the 7 two week old piglets were cuddled up in the corner but where was Rocky the 10 week old boar?

020110 059

He was asleep under the piglets 🙂 I could not believe it, pigs never cease to amaze me! In fact they looked so sweet that I decided to change their bedding tomorrow rather than disturb them, not only that but it was time to go and collect my boy from school. Other things were done, like finally unpacking my ‘Stream engine’ but that will have to wait until tomorrow, it’s after 22:00 and time for bed so with a southerly wind blowing at 26.6 mph, the chimney whistling, the battery voltage at 53.6 and the Lussa weather station saying 2mph I’m going to bed 🙂

weather 030210

graph 030210

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