Life at the end of the road

November 30, 2009

Red at both ends!

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I was a little surprised and disappointed this morning to hear lashing rain on the bedroom window at 5:00am. Surprised because I’d awoken earlier to a starry sky above my head and Orion’s head, shoulders and belt starring down at me through the ‘Velux’ window. Disappointed because promised a good fine day and I had to catch some piglets in the dark and wet before heading over to Skye on the 8:55 ferry.

I need not have worried, for by the time I set off out to feed the herd and chase the two Tamworth girls that we’d donated to the school coffee day the stars were out again, though Orion had vanished over the hills to the south. The two girls had been won in a silent auction by a friend from Skye and as we were going there anyway I’d offered  to deliver them. Not only that but I’d lent him an ark so he would not have to build one, not because I’m incredibly generous but because the sooner they were gone the sooner we could stop feeding them 🙂

The piglets were caught very easily by throwing some feed into a crate laid on its side, then once  they were in, the crate was tipped up the right way and the lid put on. Crate and piglets deposited in the back of the Land Rover it was then a mad dash for the ferry, still eating my toast and drinking my coffee on the way south. The journey being hampered by fresh slushy snow at Glam and a few daft ewes who were trying to get through the fence to the rams on the other side 🙂

301109 006

Still we managed to catch the relief boat Loch Linnhe just as the sun was coming up and arrived on a rather snowy Skye around 9:15.

301109 010

The new owners were at work but had left a nicely set up enclosure for the two girls in a potato patch and they wasted no time in getting acquainted with their new surroundings.

301109 013

After which they tucked into a second breakfast

301109 011

and we left them to it.

Loading up the Land Rover with feed at Harbro then driving back to Sconser for the 13:10 ferry to Raasay

301109 015

passing the rather white ‘black Cuilins’ on the way.

Once on Raasay we chased a selection of rainbows northwards to Arnish and home

301109 020


301109 022

my favourite being this one by the castle at Brochel

301109 027

Arriving back home around 14:30 and without much daylight left I got on with the task of trying to make our eccentric house function properly for the 9 nights that I’d be away. Living at the end of the road is not for the feint hearted or ‘un mechanically minded’ so with this in mind I checked all the things that the swineherd knows little about. The battery electrolyte, the fuel situation in both oil stove and back up generators, the water supply to the house, settings on the inverter and of course I gave the ‘old girl’ a final once over before the trip south tomorrow.

301109 030

All this I did as the rocks to the north got redder and the almost full moon rose over Calum Macleod’s house.

301109 039

Land Rover checked, pigs fed, house functioning smoothly and daylight gone it was time to pack my bag, have a bath and open a bottle of wine 🙂


  1. Brilliant pictures today, Paul. Well done.

    Comment by Neil King — December 1, 2009 @ 1:51 pm

  2. I enjoy your site very much,partly because I’m a member of ACFA,and have been to the end of the road a few times. Your photos are marvellous. I’ve only been on Raasay around Easter time in varying weather conditions, so your life in the winter is interesting!

    Comment by helen maxwell — December 1, 2009 @ 7:47 pm

    • Hi Helen,

      glad you’re enjoying the blog and pics, now would ACFA be the Association Of Christian Financial Advisors, the Army Cadet Force Association, the American Cat Fanciers Association, the Advice Centers For Avon, the Australian Cane Farmers Association or most probably the Association Of Certified Field Archeologists 🙂 If it’s the latter did you find anything interesting?

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — December 1, 2009 @ 8:01 pm

  3. Look at that lovely snow on Gillean. The crampons are out being sharpened as I type (not easy with a netbook)

    Comment by Simon — December 1, 2009 @ 10:19 pm

    • Hi Simon,

      I took that picture and thought of you 🙂

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — December 1, 2009 @ 11:16 pm

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