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November 29, 2009

Catching up

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Only a few lines and a couple of pictures tonight, it’s 21:00 and I’m off to bed shortly after a very busy day. The extra three bananas on the Loch Striven and the school coffee day have really shortened my ‘week off’ in fact having to join the Loch Striven on Wednesday ‘doon the water’ means that I’m going to have to leave on Tuesday which has only left me two days on the croft. In reality it’s only one because tomorrow we’re off to Portree for feed so that will be the day stuffed!

So today it was a major dose of cleaning out the pigs, pigs may be clean compared to other animals in that they do not soil there house but they don’t wipe their feet and the recent rain and resulting mud had made quite a mess which took me a good part of the day to deal with. The day being over at this latitude some time after 16:00 when the light fails 😦

291109 006 

I tackled the worst shelter first, which of course belonged to the guy of our herd, Ginger and whilst he was at the moment sharing his stone ruin with two girls they’d let it get in a bit of a state.

291109 007

However once I’d removed all the dirty bedding and mud Ginger got in the spirit of things and lent a hand or should I say snout.

Next I tackled Brambles insulated ark, evicting both her and her seven piglets into the next field to make life easier.

291109 009

They certainly enjoyed their new found freedom and charged about like a small shoal of ginger fish until I’d finished and let them back in.

That was about it really, I went along to my mates to check out his solar panels, battery bank and hydro turbine, a few friends came to visit and I’m now going to bed 🙂

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