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November 25, 2009

Totally black!

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Total blackness can be hard for some people to imagine but here at the end of the road I can rarely see any man made light that I’ve not created myself. Not even the glow of a nearby town, the light from nearby house and certainly no vehicle lights. If there is no moon and it’s a cloudy night then the blackness is total! This mornings bout of blackness, as is quite common at this time of year was accompanied by driving rain and a certain reluctance to do the ‘100 yard dash’ to the Land Rover for my insulated cup. Any sensible person living on the west coast would retrieve their coffee cup the night before thus reducing the 3 journeys to 1 but me I’m a bit of a wuss and like to fire up the ‘Eberspacher’ diesel heater in the ‘old girl’ for 20mins before I leave for work!

Today was a ‘chainsaw day’ so I set off on the 11 mile journey to work before 6:30 in case I had to use it 🙂 I’ve lost count of the number of fallen trees that I’ve had to cut or winch out of the way over the years on my way south. Not because it was dozens but because my memory is rubbish 🙂 still it was more than six!

This morning however despite the full blown southerly gale that had been raging since the early hours my luck was in and I did not have to leave my centrally heated truck until I arrived at work.

251109 003 251109 006

As I said, I’m used to the total darkness in the morning around the house but by the time I get to the old Macleod stronghold at Brochel I’ve usually seen a navigation light or two from a fishing boat passing Loch Arnish or the flashing yellow light of a gritter on the Staffin road north of Portree. Certainly by the time the Inner Sound is in view I can see Applecross or Kyle glowing in the distance. Not today, not a single pin prick of light, not even Portree or Camus Tianavaig, all I could see, and that was not until I was 7 miles down the road was the glow from the new harbour construction site at Clachan. As that is powered by generators it was not until I arrived at Oscaig and observed a few lights in the houses there that I was convinced that the power was still on.

I don’t think the power was off on Skye, I just think that the weather was so bad that you could not see any of the lights!

251109 008

The lack of any other illumination making the huge flood lights on the new pier all the more spectacular as they bathed the southerly swell that was raging at its foot. OK, I know the picture is cr4p but it was pishing with rain blowing about 50knots and dark 🙂

Sailing disrupted

The 7:55 sailing was of course out of the question, much to the joy of the school children that would now be saved the daily trip to Portree High.

251109 036


A quick look on showed that most sailings were either cancelled or disrupted but by  9:00am the wind had moderated enough and swung around a little bit more to the west so we sailed. Though I was surprised to see the Ronja Commander still lying at anchor on one of my old clam diving spots off the Moll.


251109 012

The change in direction and decrease in strength also saw the Kingston Lacy heading out to sea.

251109 027

Lunch time even saw a tiny patch of blue sky that had me leaving the boat without a jacket on to take some pictures, though I would later regret it as I got soaked running back to the ferry on yet another ‘100 yard dash’

251109 031

The big Kobelco CKE 1800 crane was obviously not working today!

The afternoon saw Raasay primary schools Proven 6kw wind turbine leaving on a trailer

251109 017

with its mangled springs in the back of a pick up

251109 018

and whilst it was a potentially serious incident that had the school closed the pupils sent home and the teachers quite rightly fearful. It was hardly the ‘50 foot turbine collapses into school yard, as blades come off’ incident as reported by the ‘Press and Journal’ and subsequently leapt on by both ‘Wind farm action’ and ‘Windwatch’

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