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November 24, 2009


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Tuesday already and that would normally mean my last banana and me rushing around manically getting ready for my relief who would be the Loch Striven’s motorman for the next seven days. The seven yellow bent sticks that swing on a hook in the mess room gradually eaten away one every day that serve as my calendar for my week ‘before the mast’.

Today however I was greeted with TWO bananas !!!!!!!!!!, now two bananas is most definitely a Monday and I was quite certain it was not a Monday as Mondays are very busy and I seem to recall that it was not Sunday yesterday. For a moment I was a little confused, that was until I spotted the grin on one of our regular commuter’s face and realized that he’d switched my banana for a pair of his own 🙂

Actually I’m going to be really confused for the next three days as I’m still working on the Loch Striven until Friday due to a spate of sick motormen throughout the fleet 😦 only problem is I’ve no more bananas! I was going to go up to the shop during my lunch break but the weather was so bad I opted to stay in the nice warm mess room with some potato and leek soup instead. This fine winter fare being made with the stock left over from the ‘moules Sconsair’ on Sunday, I know muscles, and white wine should not go with spuds and leek but I’m telling you it was delicious.

The best of the weather

Whilst it was pretty miserable here it was far worse to the south with many of the Clyde sailings being disrupted, we sailed at 12:15 but for a while it looked like the late afternoon sailings would be cancelled.

241109 001

Cancelled is just what these three clam divers should have done a few hours earlier 🙂


Seeing them huddled in their dry suits as they headed for the safety of Sconser in the tiny Castlebay registered Avocet made me glad that I’d chosen to swap my dry suit for a pair of overalls and a nice warm engine room 🙂 This clam diving carry on is a great way to earn a living when the weather’s good!

241109 006

The clam divers were not the only ones sheltering, the ‘well boat’ Ronja Commander also anchored up off the Moll.

241109 003

We did continue sailing throughout the day though we did have the odd disruption to the timetable due to heavy seas on the exposed slip at Raasay.

241109 004

The school children came home early from Portree High and a few workers wisely left Raasay early for fear of getting stranded and that was about it really.

241109 011

The Ronja Commander was still at anchor as we headed home at 18:00 and I took another poor quality Lister video for all the other anoraks out there 🙂


This is the starboard HRW6 generator in the glow of the 24v emergency lighting until it bursts into life and is put on line by yours truly at 7:15 this morning 🙂

Fuji’d again :-(

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I had hoped to be posting some nice pictures of Raasay house today and the harbour taken with my newly repaired Fuji S8000fd, the one that died 5 days before the warranty was up then came back ‘repaired’ but taking awfully blurred pictures at anything other than full zoom.

This, my fifth Fuji, the third to die within the warranty and the only one to be ‘repaired’ FOC, free as in only £15 for the postage came back in exactly the same condition as I’d sent it to them 😦 I am not a happy bunny!

Anyway, I’m not going to loose sleep over it, bust a blood vessel or even rant at them down the phone, I’m just going to tell the whole world how cr4p their camera’s are 🙂 well that tiny portion of the world that actually reads this blog anyway and then I’m going to buy a Cannon!


Started with the usual 11 mile journey to work and a couple of deer, half a dozen rabbits and a few woodcock caught in the glare of my lights as I headed south. The sound of Raasay peppered with lights of  boats heading to the fishing grounds.

231109 001

I arrived at work just as the Serene and the Golden Dawn passed by the hammerhead of the old iron ore pier that is our berth.

I could not wait to try out the newly repaired Fuji S8000fd

231109 022 

As you can see, a nice blurred picture at 3/4 zoom

231109 023

and a lovely sharp one at full zoom.

Of course I did not know that at the time so continued using the camera for the rest of the day at work

231109 029

driving up to the school during my lunch break to take this slightly out of focus picture of the primary schools 6kw Proven wind turbine at about 1/3rd zoom.

231109 031

This lovely sharp one of the mangled springs being taken at full zoom from exactly the same place, Hmmmmmmmm

I continued on my picture taking quest to Raasay house stopping briefly to take what I hoped would be great pictures of the harbour.

231109 033

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nice and fuzzy at about 1/2 zoom

231109 032

Yet pretty sharp at the full 16x optical zoom, again same place seconds apart and set on auto

Parked at the back of Raasay house it was good to see fresh scaffolding up the stabilization work proceeding

231109 034  Nice and sharp with no zoom

231109 036

pretty fuzzy at 1/2 zoom

231109 037

yet sharp at full.

The rest of the days efforts were pretty poor on the camera front

231109 028

though I did like this one of the rainbow over Braes.

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