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November 23, 2009

Moules Sconsair

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I’m just going to post the pictures for now as it’s already 5:30 and I’ve things to do before heading for work in an hour.

191109 030

Though first I must go back to Saturday and our very own personal muscle farm at the Sconser pier where the purser and I harvested last nights dinner. Washed twice a day by the strong tides in and out of loch Sligachan, growing above the sand on the piling and far from any pollution  these muscles are clean, sweet and free of grit, perfect for what I had in mind for Sunday dinner. A dish inspired by spaghetti and clams served up by my mother on Monday, this would be my own version using muscles and pasta instead.


However that was Saturday so back to yesterday, Sunday and a well earned lie in after the long Saturday with it’s newly introduced bookable late sailing from the muscle farm 🙂 at 21:00. I say lie in but it was still 6:30 as I had two piglets to catch for Neal Hately of Neal runs his pottery at Halistra near Waternish on Skye and area which abounds abounds in small local art/craft type operations and is well worth a visit if your on Skye. Neal has taken weaners off us before  so we knew they were going to a good home.

221109 004

The swineherd had already split the two largest gilts out of the litter of six, all I had to do was lead them into a small pen and get them in a crate, though first I had to distract them from Brambles two week old wains who’d sneaked under the gate 🙂

221109 005

It all went pretty smoothly and before long they were in the converted fish cage float and in the back of the Land Rover ready for shipment to Sconser on the 10:00am ferry.

221109 006

Again that went smoothly and once more my reoccurring vision of piglets charging down the A87 did not come to pass 🙂

221109 007 

221109 012

Pretty soon we were back in our rapidly disintegrating berth at the old iron ore pier and tied up ready for the ‘big breakfast’ a long standing Sunday tradition on board the good ship Loch Striven.

221109 014 

And once we’d fully digested the huge fry up we commenced the multitude of Sunday tasks 🙂

221109 017

221109 019

and now I must go and start the multitude of Monday’s tasks but I’ll be back 🙂

Muscle pasta

This is probably better with spaghetti than pasta but here on Raasay you just can’t nip down to the 24 hour Tesco so I had to improvise.

221109 028

Put your muscles in a pan with a good fitting id and pour a good glug of white wine in, then just put them on a hot ring until they open.

221109 029

Then get another smaller pan, put a few glugs of olive oil in with 3 cloves of thinly sliced garlic, brown the garlic then tip in a good glass of white wine with some of the juice out of the muscle pan and leave it boiling away to reduce it. Whilst this is going on start shelling the muscles, discarding any that have not opened. Using a nice piece of fresh bread keep testing the wine, olive oil, garlic and muscle juice until it has nicely reduced. When your happy tip in the muscles and give the a stirring for 30 seconds or so adding some chopped parsley at the last moment.

221109 030

Then mix in with your pasta or spaghetti and serve

221109 031

with a tomato, olive and Feta cheese salad, YUM YUM 🙂

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