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November 22, 2009

Busy but sad

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Saturday already and what must be the end of the busiest week since the summer timetable finished. Busy for me with my manic cleaning, painting and dry dock preparation and busy traffic wise on the ferry with many a full deck and a couple of extra runs. Sadly most of the extra traffic was generated by two funerals.

Thursday saw Helen Macleod laid to rest on a wild and windy Raasay after a lovely service in Portree. Helen the post as she was known to many on account of her husband, Alan being the postman on Raasay for many a year . Helen will be sorely missed by her husband, family and all who knew her.

Friday, a slightly better day brought the hearse over again this time with my friend Jessie Nicolson’s niece Margaret from Kyle who had had a long battle with cancer. 

Friday also heralded the sad news that Calum Muir from Sconser had passed away whilst in Raigmore hospital Inverness on Thursday night.  Calum visited the ferry Loch Striven twice a day for as long as I’ve worked on her in his role as postman. Six days a week he’d drive on and off the ferry with the mail to and from Raasay but always with a little time for the ‘craic’. It was particularly shocking because he always struck me as being pretty active and was only 56.


I was yet again buried down below for most of the day cleaning and painting the engine room bilge, well I was until the new motor and pump arrived for our pressure washer 🙂 Not having a pressure washer on board, to me is like a woman with seven children and a B+B not having a washing machine and the sight of these two parcels from went along way to lifting my grey mood.

I came across Bruce from Washdown Supplies quite by accident when searching for spare parts for our Ehrle pressure washer that had a seized motor and leaky pump, phoning him just to query some part numbers to pass on to the purchasing department. Turns out he’s two or three hundred quid cheaper than anyone else for the same parts!

191109 021

and I don’t mean he’s cheaper for some lookalike parts turned out from some sweat shop in China by some poor dude with no shoes. I mean he’s hundreds of pounds cheaper for one of ‘Luigi’s 2.2kw’ electric motors and an ‘Interpump 140’ pump that were fitted as original equipment to ‘Ehrle’ and many other power washers.

191109 033

Anyway with the pressure washer fixed I spent what was left of Friday cleaning the boat 🙂 arriving home just after 19:15 eating a fine lamb chop with some home grown spuds and going to bed. Though not before I had a quick look at my emails and finding this beauty from Rienza of a particularly fine chap that the swineherd has been seeing every morning at the end of our drive.



She also sent me this one of the harbour both of which put my Fuji to shame 🙂


Had me up early but in no mood for posting so I left the house early in the hope of bagging a bunny or two for dinner though after a fruitless half hour I gave up and headed on to work and a very quiet day.

Or at least it was quiet until I ran up the emergency fire and bilge pump for half an hour to get it warm enough to give it its annual service.

191109 031

This Lister LV1, like the LT1 in the engine room gets run up weekly but unlike the emergency battery charger it has never been used ‘for real’, by the time this baby is used in anger the sh1t has really hit the fan 🙂


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