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November 13, 2009

Injecting cortisone and diesel :-)

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No it’s not the latest heroin substitute and the title refers to two separate incidents at each end of the day 🙂 The first one being my appointment to have a jag in the left shoulder for the subacromial bursitis that I’ve been suffering with for fifteen years and the second one referring to mister Lister’s diesel injection after his successful organ transplant. More of which I’ll tell you about later.

Friday 13th

Today got off to an inauspicious and early start with lashing rain and no sign of the Soay sheep, however it was an hour earlier than I usually feed, very dark and very wet so I was not too worried. We were needing to catch the 7:55 ferry then I could get into Portree for my 8:40 appointment to see Dr Macdonald who was going to deal with my shoulder. Somehow I can’t see many other primary care trusts dealing with patients at such short notice, I only saw him on Raasay on Wednesday morning!

My dealings with hospitals in Perth, Inverness, Paisley, Dundee, Lancaster  and Accrington have never been so quick, clean and smooth. In all fairness this is probably more to do with lack of cash than lack of dedication by the staff.

Having been dealt with so quickly the  only place open was the Co op so we headed there for shopping before going to Harbro for yet more pig feed 😦 Of course me being an invalid had to leave the loading up to the staff 🙂 Then it was down to the harbour to get oil from the fuel depot there.

131109 002

The poor weather meaning that most of the fleet had tied up for the weekend and it’s not so often that you see a ‘Celtic Star’ and a ‘Sea Ranger’ sitting so calmly next to each other on a Friday 🙂

Proven woes

It was whist at our next stop, ‘Skye Auto Spare’ that the school phoned to tell me that they had had to close early due to a ‘safety issue’, which I guessed correctly to be related to the newly installed Proven 6kw wind turbine. My 10 year old later telling me that it had developed a serious wobble and a neighbour telling my wife that a friend had found a bit of it in her garden 😦 The fact that her garden is probably 3 or 4 times the distance from the turbine than his  classroom was, rightly,  a bit of a concern!

131109 003

dud proven

The top picture being taken from the road looking west, as you can see the turbine is at the same level as the road and would have been much better sited there away from the school and the residents of School Park. The red circle on the bottom picture is around a piece of debris that appears to be attached to the blade and not as looks in the picture a bit of one of the trees. Being intimately familiar with this type of turbine, having owned the 2.5kw version for 4 years now it does not look like any part of it. So we all await eagerly the obvious inquiry into what caused this dramatic failure.

Whatever happened it’s a great tragedy because it will no doubt be more ammunition for the very vocal anti wind turbine lobby and I for one am a great fan of these things 🙂

The operation was successful

Once home, with a cargo of pig feed and two strapping teenagers that are spending the weekend at ‘the end of the road’ we set off on the quads to retrieve my ‘new’ water tank.

131109 004   

Of course, me being an invalid had to leave it to MC Shorty and The Chef to load it onto the trailer 🙂

131109 005

As this did not exhaust all their boundless energy I took them over to Torran to assist in resuscitating Mr Lister. Mr Lister the 3kw single cylinder ST1 generator suffered a heart failure a couple of weeks ago. His tappet guide had come loose, broken up and stopped his heart (injector pump) working. The other day I’d exhumed a close relative from a nearby generator graveyard and preformed open heart surgery on the corpse with a14lb lump hammer

So today, armed with ‘anti rejection’ C3 multigrade I went to operate

131109 007



and I don’t even know if the cr4p video has worked but I just felt that I had to share that sweet 1500bpm heartbeat with the world even though it was dark when I finally removed the drip and kicked him into life 🙂

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