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November 10, 2009

I thought it was me!

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IT problems here at the end of the road tonight, in fact not just IT problems but friggin Fuji problems as well, I am not a happy bunny 😦 The S8000fd that I just got back from Fuji is wonky.

101109 010

Any picture that I take that is not at full zoom or wide angle is out of focus

101109 014

and just pure cr4p. Take these two of the demolition work on Raasay house, same setting, same place just the bottom one is taken at full zoom which if anything should be less sharp than the top one 😦

So, as I’ve spent all night composing a letter to Fuji and going through the rigmarole of booking my camera in I’m now going to call it a day and go to bed.


Right, just a few lines and pics and sorry for the lack of effort yesterday but I was in a pure huff because of my camera and preferred to seek solace in some Dumfries and Galloway hooch and an early night rather than plonk away on here.

111109 002

A fine wee bottle of damson gin given to us by Rienza eased the pain of my poorly camera and still left me fresh this morning.

Anyway it’s 11:34 now on what must rank as one of the nicest mornings of the year so I’m just going to stick yesterdays pics on here and get back to my road repairs, no doubt telling you all about it later. 🙂

101109 003

There should have been better ones of all the cranes and the rainbow but my Fuji would not play ball 😦

101109 005

The beam of evening sun down Loch Sligachan being caught by the F50fd pocket camera.

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