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November 8, 2009

Seven on the eighth

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I left you last night from the comfort of the Loch Striven’s mess room awaiting the last sailing from Raasay at 20:30. The night was nothing short of spectacular, with no wind a plethora of stars and just over half a waning moon lurking behind Raasay. 

071109 033

071109 037

So after finishing my dinner, finishing the blog and finishing the painting of the deck I had a wander around the pier savouring the night and awaiting the return of the ‘birthday party’ 🙂

The girls returned after having had a most enjoyable day on Raasay, we loaded up with half a dozen cars the cow girls and police women and sailed for Sconser on the glassy calm sea.

Passing Sconser lodge hotel and entering the narrow mouth of Loch Sligachan the passengers and crew were treated to a small firework display set off from the shore. It was the birthday girls husband welcoming her and her entourage back to Skye. After leaving us with some nibbles and the remains of their chocolate feast the girls departed and we headed back into the now risen moon over Raasay.

071109 045

Depositing our cargo of cars and passengers on Raasay around 21:20 we tied the Loch Striven firmly to Scotland and all headed home, the rest of the crew to Clachan a mile or so away and me 10 miles further north to Arnish and a nice warm bed 🙂


The promised ‘wall to wall’ sunshine prophesised by was very slow in arriving, in fact the rain lashing on our bedroom windows did not instil me with any enthusiasm whatsoever and it was with great reluctance that I ventured forth to feed the pigs.

I set off early to feed the three Spotties and three Tammys on the hill on foot, I usually take the quad but I was hoping to surprise them just to find out where they were sleeping. The older and larger Tamworth’s had been bedding down in a small wooden shelter and I’d cleaned out the old Land Rover hard top shelter for the smaller Gloucester old spot X Tamworth’s though I’d never actually caught them in it. The swineherd reported yesterday that the Tammy’s where in the old Land Rover and the Spotties seemed to have appeared from somewhere else entirely! By the time I’d walked around the back of the croft all the piglets came charging to meet me  and I was still no wiser 😦 though they all appeared warm, clean and dry wherever they’d appeared from 🙂

More treasure

With everyone fed and a quick check of Brambles teats for milk I headed south for work.

071109 050

Just popping down to the shore below our house to see what the sea had brought us 🙂 or more precisely what Bill Cowie from had delivered on Saturday. I could not believe my eyes, a two or three thousand litre water tank and some oil contaminated 32mm water pipe. The tank though split would make two fine pig arcs and the pipe, whilst not fit for drinking water or anything in the food chain would make a fine power washer supply , CHEERS BILL 🙂

Somehow the rain did not seem to be bothering me now and I continued on down ‘Calum’s road’ to work and the 10:00am to Sconser.  Once that was out of the way,  with  still no sign of the promised good day and with water still cascading from the sky we set about the weekly routine of cleaning the old girl, a task not helped by our lack of power washer 😦

071109 056

Once the Loch Striven was gleaming and the ‘heart attack on a plate’ digested we launched the rescue boat. By now it was 14:30 and at last the day was improving so we took a spin over to the new harbour works.

At the ‘dog leg’

The five minute trip was pleasant enough in the low afternoon sun and we’d a good view of both the harbour wall and Raasay house.

081109 009

081109 004

Progress has been good of late and judging by the shaped blocks and concrete just below the surface it is now right at the start of the ‘dog leg’

081109 011

081109 019

By the time we’d returned to the ‘mother ship’ stowed the boat and flushed out the motor with fresh water it was almost time to sail at 16:00. It was also when the swineherd phoned to tell me that Bramble had just produced seven fine piglets 🙂

071109 061

and once the day at work was done I rushed to home to see them!

071109 066

Mother and seven wains were all doing well in their insulated Bidgiemire pig ark 🙂

And now I’m off to bed!

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