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November 3, 2009

£200 at Lidl !!!!!!!!

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This must rank as the wettest ‘week off’ in living memory, which isn’t saying much really because my memory is pretty hopeless at the best of times. It has however, even by ‘wet coast’ standards been exceptionally damp. Yesterday, Monday was the day of the big shopping trip to Inverness, the fact that it was teeming with rain and, according to the forecast, likely to continue for the rest of the day made the prospect a little more bearable.

Going to Portree is stressful enough but having to cope with traffic lights, roundabouts as well as shopping is, in my book on a par with moving house or getting divorced 🙂 I don’t follow football but the day that Lidl pulled out of their plans to open a store in Portree was akin to Scotland not qualifying for the world cup in my book. I just love all that quirky stuff with labels in Greek or German that you can’t read, I mean where else can you get so many varieties of herring in everything from cream to vinegar. Have you ever seen octopus done in almonds at Tesco? well at least I thought that’s what it said on the jar!

The only thing that I don’t like about Lidl is the checkouts that are always too small to fit the mountain of stuff we buy, on them before I get the trolley round to the other end. Still we managed and then set off to try and pack it all into wifey’s ‘wee car’ whilst still leaving enough space to cram in our son on the way home. Two hundred quid and not even a drop of alcohol gives you some idea of the amount of chopped tomatoes, green olives and salami that we bought 🙂

Considering that it was a full moon and the ‘wee dug’ was being a proper pain in the ar5e all the way there and back the swineherd and I did well not to come to blows and we managed to make it back to Sconser in time for the 16:15 ferry. Just as well really because the pigs had of course to be fed and by the time we got back to Arnish it was almost 18:00 and well dark.

More rain

Reluctant does not even come close to describing how I felt about going out this morning. A very early night after the epic shopping trip and a sound sleep did nothing to improve my mood and it was only the need to get my boy to school that finally drove me out into the monsoon.

021109 017

There was a small river running down our drive undoing much of the work that I’d done the other day, all the drains were blocked with leaves and the tiny burn at the bottom of our croft was a river.

021109 005

That’s not it but one at Holoman which usually has a similar amount of water in it.

021109 011

I dunno what this grass? is in the middle of the picture but I do know that it’s the only patch of its kind on Raasay and it’s normally dry 🙂

Anyway we managed to get the boy to school without getting washed away and I loaded up my trailer with more stones to patch up the fresh holes in the drive after I’d cleared the drains.

More progress

As my Fuji S8000fd had arrived yesterday I wasted no time in trying it out on the new pier

021109 001 

which is most definitely getting longer 🙂

021109 002

I even drove on the nice smooth black tarmac on my way past Raasay house

021109 003

which has  a big crane in front of it, a sure sign that finally, almost 11 months after the tragic fire, work is at last commencing on its restoration. Of course I could be completely wrong and the crane may be there because someone has spotted a hibernating bat in the ruins  and they’re making it safe for the bat until they can start work  in the spring 🙂

021109 006 

Rain, rain and more rain was the order of the day with water appearing in places where I’d never seen water before.

021109 015











Once home and I’d deposited my trailer load in the holy road I retired for hot soup and a warm.

Not quite so wet

The afternoon was much better by comparison, had it been any ordinary day in November you’d have said it was miserable but after the morning it was quite pleasant, indeed I actually took my jacket off at one point.

021109 021

Making the most of the slightly less wet weather to change the piggies bedding

021109 023

in their unconventional housing.

021109 031

I also introduced the ‘spotties’ to their new home but not before the ‘Tammy’s’ had checked it out 🙂

021109 033

Eventually however it got their seal of approval and the swineherd and I moved onto Bramble.

021109 027

Or should I say we got on with moving Bramble. Bramble is due to farrow in a week or so but she’s looking like she might not be far off so we moved her into a nice insulated ark on her own. The two piglets in the foreground trying to cadge a drink as she passed by 🙂

021109 029

Once in her new field she helped wifey and I clear some of the ditches!

After the usual clearing up and putting stuff away in preparation for my ‘week on’ I fed the pigs early and called it a day. Having a good long hot soak before pulling out 7 bananas from the fruit bowl ready for tomorrow 🙂

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