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May 29, 2009

Go Raasay Go!

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As yet another mainly miserable day draws to a close on this little paradise that is Raasay, I’m pondering more on what I’ve not done than what I have 😦 The weather just seems to be getting worse and worse, well I’ll rephrase that, there seems to be this good weather about 2 days away but it never seems to get any closer, a bit like the pot of gold at the end of the many rainbows that I’ve seen recently! I’m religiously checking both UKWind and ThR every 3 or 4 hours and this dry spell on the horizon never seems to get any closer. Normally this would not be an issue but I’ve been trying to paint the ‘Old girl’ for days now and I’m just not getting anywhere. I was hoping to get the second coat of colour on the front end and re fit all 4 doors but it just didn’t happen due to the rain that should not have been. Still at least I got the new cupboard fitted in the porch without getting grumpy because I could have been working on my Land Rover. OK, I know I’m really sad, but it’s a fact that after getting married, moving house and getting divorced then trying to get a 23 year old Land Rover through it’s MOT is the 4th most stressful thing a guy can go through 🙂

So after pottering about in my workshop cutting out bits of chequerplate and painting them,

and putting a few more coats of paint on the rear door hinges we headed south.

Raasay 8, Carbost 3!

We headed south for the Raasay v Carbost primary school footie match that was kicking off at 13:00

Of course we arrived late and were much puzzled by the ‘YASAAR’ cheerleaders, however as the match progressed things became much clearer.

Now I have to confess at having no interest whatsoever in football but I did thouroughly enjoy this 90 min epic match.

As did Bobby!

Gabriel puts the first of his two goals in the back of the net for Raasay.

Raasay’s coach discusses tactics with his squad at half time.

Ryan goes in for the kill

But this time Carbost saves, though he did manage to put 4 past the goalie 🙂 making the final score 8, 3 to Raasay. Ryan was top scorer with 4, followed by Gabriel with 2 and 1 each for Rosie, Robin and Joseph which actually makes 9 😦 so I’ve obviously got something wrong, still it was a good afternoons entertainment.

And I’m really sorry if it’s light and inaccurate on info but I’m posting this in the back of a taxi halfway between Barrhead and Girvan which is 200 miles and 24 hours after the event! (aint technology marvelous?) I did try doing it last night but got distracted by the ‘pig sitter’ a bottle of wine and a vain attempt at trying to buy tickets for I tried for several hours on various sites before giving up, by which time I was too tired to finish this effort. However I did manage to do it this morning on my mothers computer before the 5 hour journey to Glasgow and now I’m heading to see a band called Attic at the Catholic Hall in Girvan!

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