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May 26, 2009

Touch wood

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Whilst being well and truly mended from my bout of the ‘F’ word it has left my body clock a little confused. Hence the lack of posting yesterday due to an early night and long lie in this morning, well 7:30, which is a long lie in for me. Dunno what you did on what looked like a fine bank holiday Monday everywhere else but where I happened to, be but we went to Inverness on what was a mainly non stop windscreen wiper day 🙂

So I’m just going to stick in some hastily taken pictures from the said very stressful day most of which will be quite fuzzy due to being taken in the pouring rain at 60mph. That one above being the waterfall just below the site of the battle of Glenshiel.

This one being the site of another battle, the battle of ‘Redburn Restaurant, near Invermorriston where the shepherdess and I wrestled with a spicy curry sauce and potato wedges at 10:00am which is not to say it was not lovely just that it was very HOT!

Here’s a fine Norwegian yacht going through the Muirtown locks on the Caledonian canal near Inverness.

Here’s the water ‘boiling’ as it fills the lock.

This is it almost level, at which point we left Inverness for our 100 mile drive back to Sconser on Skye

Where unusually the weather started to improve once we had passed the Clunie dam heading west. The Dam at Clunie being where the weather usually changes for the better if your heading east or worsens as you go west!

This being just a little further down the glen than the first picture, again unusually as we approached Skye it just kept getting better.

This is at Kintail at the head of Loch Duich

And this believe it or not is the first digital picture that I’ve ever taken of what must be the most photographed castle outside the capital. Eilean Donan castle, which despite it’s appearance was only built in 1911! OK it was built on the site of a much older one but it’s hardly the ancient thing that people would have you believe.

Despite how this picture of the Skye bridge and the island beyond looks it was quite nice when we got there.

The red Cuilins although not actually red did look stunning.

and that’s it for now, time to feed animals and paint Land Rover doors 🙂

It’s a mystery!

I really hate this shopping carry on, Portree is stressful enough but Inverness on a bank holiday Monday is something else to a guy who can go several weeks without seeing a traffic light or roundabout. I have to say that I think part of the reason I didn’t sleep the night before was the excitement of taking wifey’s wee car, which has, as if by divine intervention fixed itself 🙂 or at least covered almost 1000 trouble free miles without breaking down, well apart from the dud battery but I can live with that. The ‘wee car’ that I came very close to setting on fire, pushing over a cliff or just plain abandoning in the hope of someone else doing it for me is now well and truly in the ‘good books’. Having been in  4 garages, on 3 computers and soaked up countless man hours, not to mention hard earned cash, it is now running like my Seiko watch 🙂 ‘touch wood’  This Daihatsu YRV 1.3 4 Trak  has in the course of 12 months cost me dearly yet has after 37 years given me a little faith in the much maligned motor trade of which I spent the first 14 years of my working life in the sevice of. The wee car never covered more than 20 miles in 4 months without breaking down and did more mileage on the back of a breakdown truck in the first 4 months of this year than it did under it’s own steam. It went into Highland motors of Borve for a spell who after being unable to find a fault on it (despite it not running) took it to Kenny’s garage in Dunvegan to put it on his computer where it stedfastly refused to start or show a fault on his machine. Around Easter and the resurection it did have a spell of running for a few miles before Ewan Macrae’s of Portree recoverd it from the side of the road on Skye and took it to Kens garage in Inverness for a shot  on their computer which showed up no faults!!!!!!!! Despite all these garages spending time, effort and driving around in the contrary car they would none of them charge us for the labour!!!! Now when I was in the motor trade in Accrington and Manchester in the 70s and 80s this kind of behaviour was unheard of and you would not have got your keys back without parting with at least some cash but not here in the highlands where seems like the customer really does come first 🙂 and whilst the chances of anyone actually involved in this saga of reading this are slim, thanks anyway.

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