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May 22, 2009

What’s in a name?

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Me, I’m really not into any of this ‘brand’, ‘corporate’ and nonsense that turns every city center into a clone of the next one. I like my fast food from the or similar and not an outlet that you’ll find in every city from Beijing to Baghdad. However I can see how it puts bums on seats, gets people through the store door and makes us feel nice and safe like the sheep that we sometimes are. So as I’ve been feeling the draught of the ‘grim reapers’ scythe of late my usual enthusiasm for food has been somewhat dampened to say the least in fact over the last 5 days it’s been virtually none existent and I’ve been kept alive only by the kindness of my good wife and Campbell’s soup! only it’s not Campbell’s soup any more!! wifey spent ages scouring the Raasay store for some wholesome tins of ‘cream of chicken’ OK it’s hardly haute cuisine and at only 6% ex battery hen it’s not got much in the way of chicken but when your ill it hits the spot! There was none to be found so she came away with Batchelors soup instead and low and behold there on the back of the tin in small writing it says ‘formally Campbell’s soup’ Now I am not renowned for my marketing powers, in fact I’ve turned down more offers and happily missed more oppertunities than most people get in a lifetime but even I can see this is pure lunacy. Did Andy Warhol take the art world by storm in the 1960s with his paintings of Batchelors soup tins?

This one selling recently for $11.8 million

did the sex goddess Gina Lollobridgida star in a film called ‘Bouno sera Mrs Batchelor’?
where she took her name from a famous soup tin to give her and her illegitimate daughter an air of respectability. I think not, all I can think is that the marketing people at Batchelors are either all younger than 40 or have lost the plot.

TWO eggs today
Anyway I really must be on the mend because not only did I awake hungry this morning but I wolfed down 2 boiled eggs! yesterday it was all I could do to eat one poached egg and I left the toast! Who knows I might even get through the rest of the day without a tin of the soup formally known as Campbell’s. incidentally I wrote that opening paragraph at 2:00am this morning after yet another mad dream, this of being chased by hundreds of Marylin Monroe’s all of various different hues of the rainbow if you can see where I’m coming from 🙂

And I really have know idea where all this is coming from because I stopped taking any medication on Tuesday and I’ve not had a glass of wine or cup of coffee in almost a week (perhaps therein lies the problem) and I don’t even like Andy Warhol!

The VAT return is done

The inactivity and lack of fresh air drove me to doing the dreaded Vat return yesterday in a few hours between sleeping and I even went out for a chauffeured drive down to the school to pick up my boy as I really did need to get out of the house.

Armed as usual with my camera I kept getting wifey to stop so I could take photos, the small white house is on the island of Fladda to the west of Raasay.

That’s it in the ‘V’ with the other two houses visible, the water in the back ground is the most northwesterly bay on Raasay called Loch’a’ sgurr, the hazy rock in the background being the Islands of Tighe and Rona. The very bottom of the V just below the white house is just about sea level and all stores and provisions have to be carried up from there, it is not a place for the feint of heart!

The man formally known as the ‘Grumpy digger driver’ was tidying up around the most excellent wall that Lachie Gillies’s men had built. He did give me his traditional one fingred salute but you can’t see it very clearly in the picture 🙂

The two red phone boxes standing to attention in the village must be something of a rarity in this digital age but they do seem to get used, or at least I keep seeing people inside them 🙂

The diving charter vessel Elizabeth G was heading south through the Raasay narrows, obviously back in action after her grounding last year.

“Friday 20th June:
At the request of Stornoway Coastguard, Mallaig Lifeboat was launched at 13.30 hrs to go to the assistance of the 24.5m charter vessel, the Oban based Elizabeth G, reportedly aground just north of Kilmory, Rum, taking water and launching the life rafts. Lifeboat proceeded to scene, arriving at 1400 hrs to find two yachts standing by the casualty and HM Customs vessel Seeker also arriving on scene. Stornoway helicopter Rescue 100 arrived on scene and stood by with pump on board, but it was not required and returned to Stornoway.
The Mallaig Lifeboat moored alongside the Elizabeth G, which was floating freely again and took the 9 passengers and 3 of the crew off, putting two Lifeboat personnel on board with a salvage pump to assist the remaining crew to assess damage (no water ingress) and recover the life raft. Elizabeth G made way for Mallaig with situation being monitored by lifeboat crew. One of the survivors from the charter vessel was a member of the Tobermory Lifeboat crew, who was asked to join the Mallaig crew for the duration of the service. Lifeboat escorted Elizabeth G back to Mallaig Harbour with survivors put ashore via the Lifeboat pontoon.
Mallaig Lifeboat refuelled and ready for service 18.05hrs.”

Taken from the Mallaig lifeboat log for launches in 2008

I was in the wheelhouse of the Loch Striven at the time and heard the coastgaurd calling her, funnily  enough I often worked from a fish farm supply boat with the same name in my diving days and thought at the time it was the same vessel.

The trip home saw much darker skies than the hour before though it never really came to anything, well not before I went to my bed at 20:30 🙂

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